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Augusta, Georgia is a perfect for families of all types and sizes. Within the city you are sure to find something for your children, teenagers, and adult family members. Springfield Village Park is located at the intersection of Twelfth and Reynolds Street and focuses on a historic church, while also containing a couple of sculptures. Specifically great for children and teenagers, the Gaming Cave has over 100 to choose from on a variety of different systems including XBOX, Playstation, and computer. Your children of all ages are sure to absolutely love this attraction. The Augusta Canal Boat Tours are perfect for a family outing and proves to be highly entertaining as well as relaxing.1 Brunswick National Lanes is available for those wishing to bowl, while Augusta Exchange 20 is a large theatre showing newly released family-friendly films. Bayvale Elementary, Langford Middle, and Southgate Christian are a few of the school options available to your and your family.

Marriage and Couples Mental Health in Augusta

Young women who are pregnant, are new mothers, or who seek parenting education can participate in various classes offered by the Nurturing Place. Courses focus on physical and emotional changes mothers experience through pregnancy and after giving birth. Additionally, mothers learn valuable skills for providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which her child can develop. The learn-while-you-earn program allows mothers to accumulate vouchers that can be used to obtain free baby supplies, including diapers, clothing and furniture. Supports for day-to-day frustrations, stresses and anxieties are available as well. Call the 24-hour helpline at 706-724-FREE for assistance.2

The City of Augusta takes an active role in providing support services for the city's elderly residents. Educational programs help older adults stay informed and keep their minds sharp. Physical and recreational programs promote good health and wellness. Several senior centers throughout the city provide social events, including daily meals, where older adults can come together and enjoy time with others. As a result of these basic services, Augusta seniors are able to improve their social, emotional, mental and physical functioning, while enhancing their dignity and quality of life. Contact the city at 706-821-2300 to find out more about these programs.3

Fort Gordon is home to thousands of active-duty members of the military. Enlistment in the armed forces can cause much stress and anxiety for servicemen and women as well as their families. To address the unique mental health needs of armed forces families, Fort Gordon offers a variety of community services programs. Support groups are available for families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Soldiers who are about to be discharged can participate in financial and employment readiness workshops to ensure a smooth transition to civilian life. The Spouse's Club offers emotional support for husbands and wives who are separated from their partner due to deployment. Many more programs are offered. For further details, call 706-791-3579.4

Family Services and Assistance Programs

Low-income families tend to be at greater risk of poor mental health because of a lack proper nutrition, safe housing, an adequate education, and financial difficulties that prevent paying for life's necessities.5 The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services offers these families various assistance programs to help meet their basic needs, so family members can focus on improving their mental, emotional, educational and financial wellbeing. Emergency food assistance and energy assistance programs are available, as are food stamps and subsidized childcare. Long-term financial assistance is also available, so families can stay together in their home and build a brighter future together. For additional information, call 770-830-2066.6


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