Stress, PTSD and Anxiety Therapists in Kansas City, MO.

Licensed professional counseling for anxiety, stress, phobias, and panic in Kansas City, Missouri.

Anxiety Counselor

Adam Lynch, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

1201 NW Briarcliff Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri

Let's be honest - there are many experiences and relationships that bring a lot of anxiety and stress into our lives. We can feel uncomfortable in the presence of others, fearful that our vision for life won't unfold how we want it to, or the challenge of making progress and using our time and energy in productive ways. We all struggle with this at different levels, but I believe we can take hope that because of who God is and in a close relationship with Him, we have a future that is incredibly bright. I want to offer clarity on how this is true even when it doesn't feel like it in your life.

Anxiety Counselor

Danience Moreland, MA, LPC

License Professional Counselor

9419 E 63rd Street, Raytown, Missouri

Anxiety is a normal reaction to a potential threat, however we can become anxious about issues that are not life threatening. Anxiety becomes a problem when the symptoms disrupt our daily activities or cause conflicts in our relationships. Anxiety also impacts our physical bodies and these symptoms (headaches, shortness of breath, stomach aches, fatigue, etc…) are often overlooked as something a therapist can help resolve. During therapy you will gain a better understanding about anxiety, what makes you anxious, how your body communicates, and strategies to overcome these emotions.

Anxiety Counselor

Stephen Brannen, PhD, LCSW, CCDP-D

Diplomate in Clinical Social Work/Dual Disorders

6301 Rockhill Road, Suite 100B, Kansas City , Missouri

My approach to working with anxiety, stress, and trauma recovery (PTSD) is to utilize a supportive, humanistic cognitive approach. I utilize only research supported interventions such as Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy , and specific treatments such as Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Reprocessing Therapy. I also am comfortable in consulting with medical professionals is the management of clients experiencing stress related disorders.

Anxiety Counselor

Cheryl Pendell, MA, LPC, NCC, CPT

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Play Therapist

1201 NW Briarcliff Parkway, Suite 200, Kansas City, Missouri

If anxiety and stress are keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest we need to explore the source of both and process together ways in which you can reduce your stress levels or find ways to cope until your circumstances change. It is important to me that you feel that someone understands what you are going through and how difficult your anxiety makes your life. You will benefit from my work with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is designed to reduce anxiety. This approach is proven to give you tangible tools to utilize to create a more comfortable life for you. I provide a warm and caring place for you to feel supported while you are going through this difficult time.

Anxiety Counselor

Matthew Luckenbach, DCoun, LPC., RPT, NCC, CCMHC

Licensed Professional Counselor

888 Haines, Suite 230 , Liberty, Missouri

Stress and anxiety can deeply affect our lives and prevent us from seizing every opportunity or pleasurable moment in life. I can provide a specific type of approach that will address your stress and anxiety and help you manage it. Through this process we can work together to find manageable ways to deal with whatever life throws at you. Anxiety is an emotional that almost all us face at some point in our lives and it can very difficult to recognize, manage, and reduce. My collaborative approach is designed to help you learn to cope and reduce anxiety/stress in your daily life.

Anxiety Counselor

Tish Kovac, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

7211 NW 83rd St Ste 150-A, Kansas City, Missouri

Stress and anxiety is something we all feel at times. It's a normal part of life, but it can become so overwhelming that it starts to take over our ability to function, and that's when we know it's time to get help. I'll work with you to better understand the thoughts and feelings that are maintaining the distress, signs from your body leading up to it, and help you manage these area so that you're eventually able to be proactive in not letting the stress and anxiety overtake you.

Anxiety Counselor


Licensed Professional Counselor

8575 West 110th Street, Suite 225, Overland Park, Kansas

As a therapist, I utilize many stress reduction techniques for the treatment of anxiety and stress disorders. One technique I have had succes with is biofeedback. This assists the individual to develop a healthy coherence and reduce symptoms significantly. I generally utilize a holistic approach which addresses every areas within an individual's life. Therapy may target the negative patterns and cycles that cause symptoms such as; self-care and prioritizing, life adjustments and changes, or in some cases, due to abuse or trauma. Whatever the situation, there are healthy and therapeutic techniques to resolve or reduce symptoms significantly.

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Kansas City is a city that is located in multiple counties- Cass County and Platte County and Jackson County and Clay County in Missouri. It has a land area of 314.97 square miles and a water area of 4.00 square miles.  The population of Kansas City is 475,378 people with 195,033 households and a median annual income of $45,821. .

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While counseling can certainly be an expense for individuals and families in Kansas City, with proper budgeting, it is entirely do-able and the risk/reward is worth it. For some families, it may be difficult to sustain a commitment to therapy without proper insurance coverage. If this is you, ask your therapist about low cost options as practitoners in and around Kansas City may have flexibility or sliding scales