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Anger Therapist

Joan Elizabeth Fink-Arney, M.S., LMHP, LPC, NCC

Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

18021 Oak Street, Suite B, Omaha, Nebraska

Anger does not have to be logical or valid, but it is the response to what you are feeling. Anger often reveals itself as the feelings behind panic, hurt, sadness, loneliness and more. Unfortunately, our loved ones and friends are taken back and confused when this anger presents itself. I work with individuals to help them identify their triggers to anger and work to understand those triggers and help process them in a safe environment.

Anger Therapist

Scott Panning, MA, PLMHP

Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Professional

13906 Gold Circle Suite 202, Omaha, Nebraska

Through anger management you can have the ability to regain control of your mind so that the actions and words that you put out there are a result of who you truly are, and not an automatic reaction to things the world will throw at you. The process comes through knowing yourself so that you can recognize when you are angry, how angry you are, and what to do about it so that you do not hurt or frighten anyone. Then, you can explore what makes you angry and why, which can lead to a great deal of freedom.

Anger Therapist

Steve Brownrigg, NCC, LADC, LMHP

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

7602 Pacific St., Suite 304, Omaha, Nebraska

Anger is often a secondary emotion. Treating anger involves helping the client with Self-Esteem, Shame, Guilt, Anxiety and Trauma issues that underlie and create the anger. It can also arise from irrational demands or expectations on others. Clients are taught tools to manage their own expectations and demands so they can live an undisturbed life. My approach is hands on, pen and paper, and easily learnable. Clients will be able to use and benefit from what they learn long after therapy ends.

Anger Therapist

Brian Hofsommer, LIMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

9300 Underwood Avenue Ste 240, Omaha, Nebraska

Anger is a useful emotion that can overpower fear and lead towards taking charge of a situation, but there is a point where you can lose control over the anger and it begins to control you. When anger becomes persistent, over-reactive, violent, or difficult to control, its time to take a closer look at your anger and where it comes from. Once we identify the source of the anger and what maintains its strength, we can channel that energy into more positive pursuits and learn to manage the outbursts that harm our relationships and ourselves.

Anger Therapist

Dena Crosby, MS, LIMHP, LPC

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

9300 Underwood Avenue suite 240, Omaha, Nebraska

Anger; a secondary emotion fueled by hurt, disappointment and/or frustration. Through empathic listening, problem solving tips and coping skills you can learn to manage your anger and determine what the underlying root causes of the anger are. From that point you can decide what steps you want to take to create a life of calm, centeredness and balance.

Anger Therapist

Jennifer Francke, LIMHP, LPC, LADC

Licensed Professional Counselor

11907 Arbor St., Suite G, Omaha, Nebraska

When is anger a problem for you? What situations tend to elicit angry responses? What are the consequences of angry outbursts? Can you identify any feelings or emotions just beneath the surface of the anger? These are a few examples of questions I would like to explore with you in your effort to gain a better understanding of your anger. I can also present, and assist you in finding, anger management strategies which will help minimize the negative impact of unchecked anger when it shows up in your life. Healthy expressions of anger are possible and within your reach.

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Omaha is located in Douglas County, Nebraska. It has a land area of 133.19 square miles and a water area of 3.52 square miles.  The population of Omaha is 443,885 people with 173,764 households and a median annual income of $49,896. .

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