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Many of us struggle with stress or anxiety at points in our lives. When working with individuals struggling with stress or anxiety, my goal is to help identify sources of stress and anxiety and identify ways to manage these concerns. This may include problem-solving, support, cognitive therapy, and other stress management skills. Sometimes, when the anxiety is more severe, exposure therapy may be beneficial to help overcome the anxiety.

Anxiety Counselor

Heather Jackson, LIMHP, LPC, CSOTP, CCTP

Independent Mental Health Practitioner

Within driving distance of Waverly

Some stress and nervousness is normal and to be expected in life. However, when those things start interfering with our ability to lead a happy, healthy life, counseling may be beneficial. I enjoy working with clients struggling with anxiety and stress management to help them identify various techniques and strategies to feel confident and comfortable handling various stressors that may arise.

Anxiety Counselor

Kendra Hubbard, MS

Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Within driving distance of Waverly

Anxiety symptoms can be debilitating for some clients. I aim to help empower my clients to feel a sense of control over their lives versus feeling their emotions are controlling them. We will work on identifying what triggers symptoms and learning to recognize physical, cognitive and behavioral signals of your anxiety. I will then teach you tools to manage your symptoms, including relaxation and thought redirection strategies. We will also explore thought patterns that are contributing to your symptoms, and work on rebuilding more positive, adaptive thoughts, resulting in a healthier you.

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Waverly is located in Lancaster County, Nebraska. It has a land area of 2.33 square miles and a water area of 0.00 square miles.  The population of Waverly is 3,739 people with 1,232 households and a median annual income of $83,081. .

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Establishing weekly sessions with a professional therapist is considered affordable in Waverly for the average family. While sustaining a commitment to therapy is usually not an issue, if mental health treatment feels like a burden please ask your counselor about accepted insurance plans or sliding scale fees