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Child Therapist

Peter Berzins, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Brittany Ryan-Berzins Ph.D. Birch Tree Psychology

Within driving distance of Lake Mohawk

Do you have young children that are stressed, depressed, or have anxiety? Dr. Peter Berzins is an expert in working with children and adolescents and has done so for the past fifteen years. Dr. Peter Berzins is a licensed child psychologist who helps children learn the coping skills they need (yet unfortunetly lack) so they can succed in life. Therapy can make your child happier, more social, and less stressed!

Child Therapist

Lauren Muriello, LPC


Within driving distance of Lake Mohawk

We work with children 3 and up. When working with young children, we always involve parents directly in the treatment. We offer individualized play therapy, as well as family therapy. Combining these approaches is a very effective way to making positive change. We specialize in: -Sleep Anxiety -School & Social Anxiety -Divorce -Social Skills -Behavioral Problems -ADD & ADHD

Child Therapist

Wendi Dumbroff, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Lake Mohawk

As a family therapist, I will work with young children, however, this is always done in the context of family therapy. I try to understand what else is happening in the family, and how it may be impacting the child (children). Is there conflict between the parents? Has there been a loss of a loved one? Young children don't always have the language to express their feelings. Parents may also have unresolved issues from their own childhoods which may emerge. Often, much of the work will end up being with the parents, not because they are "bad parents," but because they are the most important people in their children's lives!

Child Therapist

Elizabeth MacGregor, Ed.D, LP, ACS. ASE, EMDR, CBT

Psychoanalyst, Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Lake Mohawk

Your child or children may be suffering for reasons that are unclear. Are your children constantly angry and oppositional? Are they often hyper? Are your children doing poorly in school? As parents, do you fear you won't be able to help your child with his or her "anger management." Using empathy and sensitivity, our professionals work individually with both children, adolescents and with parents with the goal to ending the problem behavior or lowering a child's anxieties.

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Lake Mohawk is located in Sussex County, New Jersey. It has a land area of 5.02 square miles and a water area of 1.16 square miles.  The population of Lake Mohawk is 9,568 people with 3,643 households and a median annual income of $121,849. .

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