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Designed with the specific needs of children and adolescents in mind, Acadia Montana supplies life-changing psychiatric residential treatment for young people between the ages of 5 and 18 who are in need of support to heal from psychiatric, behavioral, and emotional concerns.
This center, which is located in Butte, Montana, provides all-encompassing and developmentally appropriate care that has positively impacted the lives of young people from all walks of life. Offering far more than traditional therapies, Acadia Montana exposes youth to various methods of care that can alleviate symptoms of mental health disorders, reduce or eradicate problematic behaviors, and help boys and girls learn how to cope with distressing emotions.
When a child or teen comes to Acadia Montana, he or she will benefit from personalized treatment planning and around-the-clock support from a staff of professionals who want nothing more than to help young people reach their full potential and achieve their treatment goals. In addition to individual, family, and group therapies, children and adolescents enjoy various recreational therapies and outdoor activities so that they can acquire invaluable skills that can serve them for a lifetime. Learning effective communication, teamwork, stress management, coping with negative feelings, and goal setting are among the things that youth can benefit from while at this center, all of which can help them be successful in their home and school lives once they return home.
Additionally, and as a means of truly offering the interventions young people need, Acadia Montana proudly supplies education services via its onsite private school that can be accessed by all who come to this center for treatment. This accredited school provides special education services that are facilitated by certified teachers and offers coursework that can help youth earn credits that can be transferred back to their home schools.
With this facet of care, children and adolescents are able to continue making great strides towards achieving academic success while partaking in therapeutic treatment at the same time. For the duration of each child or adolescent's time at Acadia Montana, which can range between 3 and 6 months, ongoing support and invaluable skill-building are a regular part of every young person's day. Therefore, if a youth is grappling with disorders like depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, or other such concerns, there is ample time to practice newly learned skills and tap into strengths that they may not have known existed prior to coming to Acadia Montana.
By completing treatment at this center, youth will have developed the confidence and methods for managing emotions and behaviors that can allow them live healthier and more productive lives for the long-term.


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