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  • 13-127 Aldersmith Place , Victoria, British Columbia, V9A 7M7
  • Phone: 250-753-3706
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  • Session Fees: $155 /hr
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I have over thirty years experience as a counsellor, facilitator, and educator, working in various modalities

I have worked a lot with anger and conflict issues, relationships, and stress.  I understand that we often feel angry when we feel powerless about things. So finding better ways to express what bothers us offers immediate relief and better understanding. It takes a good listener to allow people to open up about things that they feel awkward or unsure or ashamed about. But once this happens, then things can get resolved quickly and we can feel more at ease with our choices. I also focus on grief therapy,  addictions issues; anxiety management and creative arts therapy. 
I offer my years of of experience and my wisdom with a lot of appreciation of each person's strengths in surviving their difficulties and challenges. I relate a lot from my own experience to bridge with my clients so people often tell me that they feel very comfortable with me.  
I have my M.A. in Education and Psychology.  Over the years I have been trained in a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy, health and wellness issues, relationship counselling, process work, gestalt, creative arts therapy, bodywork,  and drama therapy. By now I can draw from my considerable experience to work with people in whatever form seems appropriate. 
In my own family a lot of things were kept secret, and I felt a bit odd, wondering if what I thought or witnessed was really happening.  So each time a client opens up about something private or embarrassing or what they wonder about, I feel relief that they are finally being released. In this way the world is becoming a more sane and real place as we learn to trust ourselves and our own perceptions. .
I feel very grateful for the opportunity to share with every person who trusts me and opens up about what they need to explore. I work alongside people and collaborate to find ways to overcome difficulties and move into new, more wholesome ways of being. In my own family there were a lot of secrets and denials of stressful events affecting us all. So now, when someone opens up about things that bother them I feel so relieved that they are able to move out of isolation. It's my hope that they can be validated in our work together. The world becomes a more hopeful place when we have safe relationships to open up and share. 

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