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The Alberta Wellness Center for Eating Disorders is a multidisciplinary practice that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and eating related struggles, across the lifespan. Our centre integrates best practice guidelines, evidence-based treatments, and promising innovative approaches to provide our clients the most hope for a meaningful and long lasting recovery. We embody a collaborative and compassionate approach, focused on healing from within. We use a holistic lens, addressing not only physical healing but also psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual. The healing power of families is an integral part of our treatment model and we strive to ensure that all members are supported through the recovery journey. We believe everyone is capable of making a full recovery, including freedom from eating disorder thoughts and urges.
Our team consists of psychologists and counsellors with specialized training and experience in eating disorder treatment, along with weight-inclusive dieticians, and eating disorder focused yoga therapists. 
We offer individual counselling, nutritional counselling and support, yoga for eating disorder recovery, a variety of group therapy options, and support, skill-building, and education for parents, spouses, extended family members and friends. 
We have three locations in Edmonton along with a virtual team that offers services to individuals and families anywhere in Canada.

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