Annette Adkin, RPC, Psychotherapist

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  • Registered Professional Counsellor
  • 787 Torrs. Crt., Kelowna, British Columbia, V1W 1B5
  • Phone: 250 878-7035
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  • Session Fees: Annette charges $130 per session/ $140 for more than one person.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone

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As a licensed Professional Counsellor with over 30 yrs.
experience in Social Work and Child/Youth Care Counselling, I can help you cope with your feelings and understand patterns in your life. This would include building your self esteem , learning about boundaries, self care, trauma practices etc. and how to hold your power and make choices that enhance connection and relationships.This involves building your relationship with yourself and guiding you to make choices that leave you feeling good at the end of the day.

My experience includes working with youth and families, individual\couple counselling, facilitating groups on addictions, anger and parenting. I worked for 12 yrs. as a
substance abuse counsellor in a day treatment center. Currently, I
have a private practice, continue to facilitate groups and present workshops in the community. The workshops usually include addictions, anxiety, self esteem, trauma and attachment based parenting.

My Counselling Practice includes working with
individuals, couples and families that are experiencing difficulties in the following
·managing/understanding anger·substance abuse·family of origin/impact on current functioning·self-worth·stress/anxiety·depression·communication barriers·boundaries
I am open, caring and non-judgemental. I will be
listening, asking questions and exploring new ways to understand your
experiences and helping you find strategies that work. You will receive
homework (realistic/manageable goals) which will include practicing new ways of
showing up in your life as well as exercises that help you get more insight
into yourself and your relationships.

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Kelowna BC