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I am a down to earth, genuine guy who has a lot of experience with pain, stress, anxiety and depression. I work with trauma and addictions. I believe finding the right fit in a therapist is everything. I have overcome a great deal in my life which will help me relate in a non-judgemental way to you. I use ACT therapy, trauma informed, attachment and solution focused-strength based approach. I hope to be a part of your healing journey. We can all benefit from a safe comfortable space and to have our pain and struggles witnessed. I will offer you hope.  Online therapy is a great way to save time and do counselling in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Learn how to be you and be truly alive.

What I offer: Freedom from self-harming behaviours, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma and addiction.

I bring a depth of personal and profession experience to my sessions that includes recovering from developmental trauma, anxiety and addiction to helping families heal from the loss of a loved one to an overdose or suicide. After 17 years as an elementary and middle school teacher I am an extremely creative problem solver who can empower you to find workable solutions to your problems and make lasting change. I am skilled at working with families to support parents dealing with ADHD, anger, aggression, anxiety and depression. I know the challenges students can face in the classroom and how traumatizing the education system can be for some of our children. I can help your child turn their school experience around and find joy, belonging and motivation.

I am adept at recognizing and sitting with pain and despair and finding ways to move through them. My other work experience with autism, challenging and aggressive behaviour and addiction have all shown me the importance of relationship and connection. I practice through a trauma informed lens using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help clients change their relationship with their internal experience, realize what is blocking them and move towards a life of meaning and purpose. I also use attachment-based therapy and compassionate inquiry to help you recover your true essence. I believe we all have gifts; my gift is helping you discover what is truly important to you in life and teaching you to authentically connect with self and others.

If you are reading this far, I believe you have already begun your journey of healing and recovery. I am excited for your opportunity for growth and to help you discover your resilience. When we face our darkness and accept our present experience, we can live a life of vitality. I will help you finds ways to live in the solution and take committed action towards wellness.

After seeing several therapists where I felt misunderstood and judged, I discovered a therapist that saw my truth and helped me find freedom from my self-imposed jail. Life is all about deep meaningful relationships and through developing a trusting, authentic connection with you where you feel safe, truly heard and understood, I will create a healing space for self-exploration and discovery and I will help you utilize your strengths and find a path towards healing and growth.


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