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For individuals who are searching for treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental illness, Azure Acres offers personalized treatment planning that is founded in 12-Step philosophy and evidence-based best practices. This unique approach allows Azure Acres to create individualized plans of care that reflect both time-tested techniques for achieving lasting sobriety and the very latest in scientifically-backed treatment modalities.

Azure Acres is pleased to offer a wide array of supports to help each patient build upon existing strengths and meet his or her own goals for recovery. Upon admission, each patient is assessed to determine the precise level of care needed, and many benefit from engaging in detox services (as appropriate) followed by a seamless transition into the next steps of residential care.

During their stay at Azure Acres, patients benefit from a diverse offering of supports including individual, group, and family therapies. Individual therapy is designed to provide a private, confidential space to process issues from the past that may have contributed to one’s addiction, and to acknowledge the challenges and successes that arise throughout treatment.

In group therapy, participants connect with peers as they relate to other patients who have had similar experiences with substance abuse, learning new coping skills from the wisdom of the group. Azure Acres’ family program will help to repair damaged family relationships, and allows loved ones to gain insight into the disease of addiction so that they can better support the patient upon returning home.

In addition, Azure Acres provides many opportunities for experiential therapies such as Qigong, expressive arts, role playing, and psychodrama. These dynamic activities set the stage for the development of new, healthy coping skills and provide patients with a controlled environment to practice good self-care habits and acquire new skills while gaining helpful feedback in real time.

Upon discharge, Azure Acres alumni will have the opportunity to participate in an aftercare program which can be a vital support during the early days of recovery. Azure Acres prioritizes discharge planning from the very beginning of a patient’s time at their center, and the staff works to ensure that each patient has the tools and skills he or she needs to continue to build upon the success he or she achieved while in treatment long after they return home. In choosing to commence the healing process at Azure Acres, you or a loved one can start the path to recovery today, and begin working towards the happy life you so deserve.

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