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Anita McCann
Counsellor/Life Coach
Offices: Burlington and St. Catharines


Focus: Individuals, Couples, Family, Relationships, Marriage, Separation, Divorce Recovery, Parenting, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills, Spiritual Issues, Stress and Anxiety, Social Skills, Life Transition, Life Skills

Anita is an avid believer that where you are is not where you will always be! Whether your struggle is with difficult relationships, pain from past hurts or finding your true worth and purpose, she firmly believes you can break free from destructive patterns, from insecurity and self-doubt, and create a better future for yourself.

Using spirit-led counselling and coaching, as well as solution-focused and strength-based strategies, Anita works with you to uncover root issues, discard negative patterns, and replace the mindsets and methods that are working against you.

Anita has over 12 years of extensive experience empowering individuals, equipping couples and families to restore relationships, learn effective communication, attain emotional and spiritual well-being, and find self-worth and confidence. Providing a compassionate, caring and encouraging environment, she partners with clients with an unwavering commitment to help them restore joy and peace in relationships, achieve their goals and reach their God-given potential.


Rev Chad Tomlinson

Offices: Hamilton and St. Catharines 


Focus: Couples, Individuals, Teens, Self-esteem, Forgiveness and Letting Go, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Dating, Marriage, Pornography, Communication, Teen-Parent Relationships

With over 14 years’ experience, three awards for my work as a therapist, three
Masters degrees, and a published book on relationships, I have a history of success.  

Are you nervous about seeing a therapist? Have you been to one before, but it wasn't the right fit? Do you have a partner or teenager who needs a therapist, but they're scared or not wanting to go? I can help. I believe we can change and that the process of growing as a person, although challenging, can be made simple and even fun. When you come into my office you'll be greeted with a warm smile, a caring heart and a spirit that helps people like you feel cared about and safe enough to share their lives.

I have heard many people say that seeing a therapist means you're weak, but it is actually a sign of wisdom and great strength. Only those who are wise enough can recognize they need help, and only those strong enough will be able to pursue that help.

I once believed that life was meant to be stressful and not enjoyed; it was meant to be feared and not a source of joy. I have since learned this is a lie. I now want to help others find this truth and inspire positivity. My passion is to help people find happiness as I have, and now with over 14 years of experience working with teens and young adults, and helping people of all ages have better relationships, I have the means to better achieve this. One of my greatest strengths is taking complicated issues and making them more understandable and sharing tools to better deal with them with an interesting approach (working with young people has helped with this). This ability is demonstrated by my book, Emotional Sex: Making Good Relationships Great and in my mission:

To help others discover the happiness life has to offer. No matter how difficult a life someone has been dealt, it is my desire to help them see their lives in a new way; a way that is fulfilling and ripe with hope, peace and love.

So please, come in and see me: we'll chat, we'll laugh, and we'll have some fun while helping you find the answers you want to discover.


Jeff Dieters
Registered Psychotherapist  
Office: St. Catharines


Focus: Individual therapy, Couple’s therapy, Addictions, Grief and Loss recovery, Emotional regulation (e.g., anger, depression, anxiety), Criminal justice issues, Trauma, and Existential issues


Behold thy telling face doth cast from tethered moments still.  

A longing gaze in mournful stage; for hope’s sake rescue heart and will!

I dare ask – What would you wish for to improve your personal sense of wellness and fulfillment? Or, perhaps further – What is preventing you from experiencing a more fulfilling life? Your response to such questions would undoubtedly expose the presence or absence of something or someone that is inhibiting the quality of your life. “What then can be done to improve it”, you ask?

Life can be personally satisfying and fulfilling, to be sure; but when seasons of change bring torrents of pain by way of health issues, relationship struggles, or traumatic events, there must be a life-affirming response, a passage through, a destined sanctuary of relief.

You are not alone. We all face personal challenges and would benefit from the caring support of others in times of stress and vulnerability.

Therapy can be a revealing exploration of the complex world inside as you engage with the ever-changing world outside. A voyage of discovery where life’s meaning, purpose and soulful longings appear – beneath pain, behind trauma, beyond the narrative of time.

As a correctional chaplain and psychotherapist my clinical training and experience offer a supportive and integrative approach that can help you resolve personal, relational, or even spiritual struggles that are preventing you from living a more fulfilling life.

As your therapist I will be a reflective mirror, a supportive presence and a skilled clinician to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.

Together we can enhance, restore and recover your health and wellbeing. Let’s get started!


Lisa Bynoe-Stevens

BASc (Family and Social Relations)

MDiv (Counselling)


Therapist and Seminar Facilitator

Offices: Hamilton and St. Catharies


Focus:Children who have been bullied, Youth and Young Adults who Feel Anxious, Couples with Poor Communication, Blended Families, and Professional Women managing stress

From the time I was a teenager, I loved to help people.   It is my second wind.

People have described me as genuine, a natural coach and supportive.

Almost 30 years ago when I was working on my undergraduate degree in Family and Social Relations at the University of Guelph, a teaching assistant and classmates in one of my counselling courses tapped me on the shoulder, telling me that I had a natural ability in counselling. They all encouraged me to pursue this field. Shortly after this, I made the decision to become a therapist, focusing on helping children, adolescents and their families.  To this day, this decision has been supported by every supervisor I have ever had.

 As I worked in the social work field starting in the early ‘90s, I began focusing my counselling training in Play Therapy. I attended training courses in both the USA and Canada, learning from prominent leaders in the field.  I loved every minute of it! So, if you come into my office, please forgive me, but you will see games, kids’ books, puppets, sand tray, art supplies, and playdough. Of course, you are always welcome to play with any of the above!

 In 2005, I successfully completed a Master’s in Divinity in Counselling at Tyndale University College and Seminary, where I expanded my counselling training to include working with adults, couples and families. Eventually, I augmented this learning with additional couple and family therapy courses at the University of Guelph’s continuing education department.

 As time continued, I had to respect the fact that I also was developing a specific interest in working with couples. As I was completing a Solution-Focused Training certificate over 10 years ago, a mentor of mine encouraged me to pursue my second love of working with couples. Shortly after receiving this support, I immersed myself in related specific training and working with couples. 

 At this point in my career, I have worked with many different presenting issues. Even though my first loves are issues with the younger generations and couples, I have grown to be well-versed in working with those struggling with issues surrounding young adulthood, workplace, addictions, depression and anxiety.   In other words, if you need a listening ear for whatever you are trying to sort out, whoever you are, no matter your age and how many people are with you, I will try my best to be present and walk with you as you, hopefully, gain clarity and a sense of you again.   


Steve Wilding
B.A., M.A. (Counselling Psychology)


Offices: Burlington/St. Catharines

Focus: Individuals, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Anxiety/Depression, Behavioral Issues, ADHD

From the moment we’re born, we start writing the story of our lives. As we grow, we encounter situations and changes that shape our lives into our own individual journey. Everyone’s story is unique and not one life is the same as another. This personal experience is full of suspenseful moments, unexpected plot twists, and challenging obstacles.

I strive to offer a safe place where individuals can be heard, understood, and supported through these chapters of life. I am committed to working with you as you reflect on your story to help you identify the accomplishments, strengths and skills it already tells to assist in the obstacles of the journey ahead.

Reading back through our story, it can be easy to focus on the difficult chapters, but I also know that these challenges do not define the blank pages ahead. I believe that every individual has the strength and skills to persevere through their circumstances and make their story one of endurance and accomplishment. Your story is far from over and the journey has just begun.

With over 5 years working with children and teens, my therapy primarily centers around individuals who may be struggling with parts of their story including feelings of anxiety or depression, behavioral issues, ADHD, divorce and family issues, and other struggles that may arise. 


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