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WorklifeStrategies is committed to providing quality and cost effective services to individuals, families, and organizations in order to strategize and integrate balance within work, family and community.
To provide you with practical tips, insights on wellness trends and creative ideas.
To help you explore new options in work and leisure, maximize your resources, balance work with your life and gain personal fulfillment. 
I have a Master's in Social Work from Fordham University,  and a Certificate in Substance Abuse (SAP). 
I draw on over 30 years of experience in solution-focused brief therapy, treating individuals, couples, retirees and families with problem solving techniques. I have expertise is finding solutions addressing various challenges. My career, combined with extensive experience, compassion, and curiosity, facilitates clients to realize their goals and solutions. My passion and strength is assessment, counseling and referrals customized to the client's needs.
Acknowledge the problem...Experience the solution. My work strives to achieve a healthy and constructive lifestyle for my clients. I enjoy working with all clients to resolve issues in a timely manner. I help clients achieve their behavioral goals within the brief compass of six to ten sessions.
Having been both in private practice and Employee Assistance Programs, I worked with the following range of issues:
 behavioral/ medical problems, work/ family balance, marital/ relationship issues, alcohol/ drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, anxiety/ panic, emotional/ mental disorders, financial difficulties, age related transitions, loss, anger management and issues within judicial systems. 
Fortunately, therapy can help people address these problems - but only if the person is ready to make the lifestyle changes required to bring the self-defeating behavior under control. Making life changes is easy for some people. For others, the changes seem enormous and the person goes into relapse repeatedly. Think of the number of smokers you know and the number of times they tried to quit. Think of the number of friends you know who have tried repeatedly to diet, only to gain all the weight (and more) back within a year. 
Why do people seek help from a psychotherapist? Psychotherapy helps people in many ways. For some, it is a way to understand themselves better. For others, it helps to find meaning in their lives. Some have a definite problem they want to address (like, "Is my job right for me?"), while others have a specific conflict that appears repeatedly in their lives - "Why do I always end up in fights with the people I am closest to?" Some may want an objective listener who will always look out for their best interests. A large number of people, however, seek therapy in order to come to terms with self-defeating behavior that they know they must change because it is jeopardizing their health, their future plans, or their relationships with friends and families. They want to make life changes.

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