Birgit Laskowski, BA, BEd, MEd Counselling

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  • Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC with CCPA)
  • 106-460 Doyle Ave., Suite 413, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Y 0C2
  • Phone: 778-210-0639
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  • Session Fees: $140 / 1 hour session, $180 / 1.5 hrs
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Free 15 minute consult--in-person or phone.

I offer in-person sessions in my downtown Kelowna office, as well as video / telephone counselling. 
Credentials: I have a BA in psychology, a BEd, and a Masters degree in counselling.
Trained in:
-individual and relationship counselling
-Emotion Focused therapy (for relationships)
-Developmental Model of Relationships 
-ASD / ADHD (autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder),
-Buteyko Breathing method,
-Existential therapy (meaning and purpose)
I have worked in counselling for over 10 years and offer a warm, empathetic and non-judgemental approach while being professional and following ethical guidelines.   
Life Experience: Prior to becoming a counsellor, I worked as a dental hygienist, a tree-planter, and as a leader in the field of social-emotional competencies in education.  I travelled extensively (Africa, Europe, Israel, Central America)  and am interested in other cultures and ways of being in the world.  Life has given me experiences of personal joy, significant loss, burnout, challenges and rewards.  I have always had a strong interest in learning about mental health, relationships, understanding what it means to be human, and life stages.  I am curious, avoid making assumptions, and enjoy utilizing my learning to help others. I like to spend my free time hiking, biking, roller-blading, and socializing. 
I can help you:
-understand yourself and others better,
-set boundaries,
-process your emotions,
-communicate more effectively 
-use tools for noticing and regulating your emotions
-explore options,
-set goals and make positive changes in your life
-work through blind spots
-find balance 
-work through trauma (with EMDR)
-identify limiting core beliefs (eg. "I'm not good enough", "the world is not safe", "I'm not lovable as I am" etc.) and transform them
-reconnect in a meaningful way with your significant other(s) 
-get in touch with your playful side ("The opposite of work is not play, it's depression," Stuart Brown, Play) 
Together we will:
-work at your pace
- identify and explore what you need and how to get there
- celebrate positive changes
Workshops / Presentations: I have conducted workshops for fitness, education, business, health and non-profit organizations on various topics such:
-Workplace Wellness,
-Trauma-Informed Practice for EMS and Education 
-Breathing for Health and Fitness. 
For more information on previous workshops or future possibilities for your group or staff contact me at 
I offer a 15 minute free consult for you to decide if we're a good fit to work together. We can meet at my office (in the Innovation Centre downtown Kelowna), or chat over the phone or via video. 

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