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  • CouplesWork Senior Therapist
  • Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Y 6N7
  • Phone: 250-870-6507
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The CouplesWork Story

CouplesWork is dedicated to working with couples, to supporting them in navigating the challenges relationships face and to empowering them in creating deep and authentic connection.

At CoupesWork we understand and work with couples counselling. CouplesWork therapists hold at minimum a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, are experienced in the latest therapeutic approaches relating to couples and are registered clinical counsellors. We would be honoured to share some of our experience in understanding how to create connection and to support you in your journey.

CouplesWork specializes in dedicated 2 and 3 day relationship intensives in Calgary and across Alberta. In a relationship intensive couples can address the challenges facing their relationship without spending weeks or months in therapy.

Some of the areas CouplesWork supports our couples: 
*Building and Repairing Connection
*Relationship Communication
*Conflict Resolution and Understanding Negative Cycles
*Relationship Infidelity, Trust and Feelings of Isolation
*Blended Families
*Impacts of "In and Out" Work Rotations
*Separation and Divorce

*Relationship Intensives
*Relationship Education
Some of the approaches we draw from in supporting our couples:
*Process Focused Couples Therapy (PFCT) and (Brief) Process Focused Couples Therapy (BPFCT)
*Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)
*Gottman Method Couples Therapy
*Family Systems Therapy
*Satir Family Therapy
*Relationship Education Model
*Attachment Theory 

Carl Malmsten Reaches

Calgary AB
Kelowna BC