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      The inner creates the outer. The kingdom of Heaven lies within. This is what Jesus and Buddha taught, yet it has eluded us. We didn’t understand how literal this message was. And even if we pondered the possibility, too many distractions have often taken us away from our innate ability to create our desired reality. Yet the booming fields of quantum physics and neuroscience have proven that if we change our internal dialogue and assumptions we change our reality. It’s like weeding the garden of our brain and planting empowering thoughts so that we can achieve the life of our dreams. In doing so anything is possible; We can have the more loving, harmonious relationships that we long for. The financial abundance that has seemed out of reach.
      I offer cutting edge somatic techniques for healing from past traumas as well as weaving mindfulness techniques with soul work practices as part of your everyday self care. And I like to keep it as simple and practical as possible so that you can easily integrate all of this into your daily routine, making it part of your lifestyle rather than a temporary fix. I offer a more holistic approach because your mind, body and spirit are all connected, especially when it comes to stored trauma. I offer Jungian(as in Carl Jung) inspired soul work techniques as well as somatic techniques such as guided visualizations, forgiveness work, journaling exercises, and EFT (The Emotional Freedom (Tapping) Technique) that help my clients heal core wounds such as abandonment trauma or childhood abuse.
       The bond between client and therapist is an essential aspect to successful therapy so I bring my own authenticity and sense of humor into the process.  I often use examples of how I myself or others have accomplished  breakthroughs seemingly against all odds.  I create opportunities during the therapy sessions for my clients to shift out of limiting stories and patterns of suffering. Most importantly I  teach them the tools needed to stay in their authentic power so that they will be equipped to continue to create positive shifts on their own.
       I specialize in working with both couples and individuals. You can see my videos with tips for couples on YouTube. It is such an exciting time to be alive, for humanity is being called to awaken into a higher level of consciousness. Indeed, we are awakening to a Higher Power within, learning how to shift out of suffering and stagnation and come into alignment with creating the life we desire. It is about having an openness to the possibility that your thoughts and internal stories create your reality and that you can identify the original wounds, replace your internal dialogue, and change your life for the better. Then you start to see the evidence. You develop faith, and are motivated to keep at it. And before you know it, you are living the life you once dreamed of. It's all within reach. 

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