Cristina Dumitrescu, MEd, R.Psych.

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  • Registered Psychologist
  • 2356 Scarth Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 2J7
  • Phone: 306 551 1861
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  • Session Fees: $ 160.00 per hour

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy
I use a mindfulness approach in counselling, and I encourage my clients to live more in the present moment because this is the only one we can act on, and change. I approach therapy from the perspective of the wholeness of the person,being aware of the body, mind and spirit connection. I encourage clients to reflect on their emotional well being because it affects their physical well being. We reflect on what their body needs in order to heal, and then to write their own prescription to healing.

Counselling Theories In the therapy sessions I incorporate several theories of counselling, depending on client's needs, to help them in the healing journey and in their personal growth.
Solution Focused Therapy
 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
 Reality Therapy 
Credentials and MembershipsRegistered Psychologist # 871 with Saskatchewan College of Psychologists
 Canadian Certified Counsellor  # 6808 with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Personal Journey

 I am originally from Romania, where I graduated medical university in 1995. I came to Canada  in 1997 and I have been working as a special care aid at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre for ten years while studying and writing exams to become a doctor in Canada. During this process I realized that I am more attracted to counselling and psychotherapy than to prescribing medications or performing procedures, and that 10 minutes are not enough to connect with a client during the visit; therefore, I decided to become a psychologist and I graduated with a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology at University of Regina. in 2011. I have been working in private practice as psychologist since October 2012 with Cornerstone Counselling Services, and I am also providing counselling at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre in Extended Care Veterans Program. I have been married since 1995 and we have a daughter. My hobbies are : reading, dancing, hiking, yoga and meditation.

My interest in practicing and teaching mindfulness grew after I participated at a two-days workshop lead by Dr. Ron Siegel and reading and practicing meditation from Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's work. I had the opportunity to enroll in a two-months Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, which helped me get into the routine of daily meditation practice. I believe in prevention of mental illness as opposed to treating mental disorders. I also believe in clients' ability to heal using their inner wisdom with the therapist's support. Since 2013 I have been leading groups twice a year, at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre called MARS: Mindfulness Approach to Reduce Suffering,  to help the residents there, cope better with adjustment, loss, chronic pain and living with a chronic illness.
In August 2017, I completed a Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management training with NeuroNova centre in Toronto, which helped me understand better chronic pain and help my clients cope better with pain.

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