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Marriage Counseling :  It is normal to need help with your relationships.  Most of us had no idea the level or type of work it takes to be in a healthy marriage.  Daniel will help you find relief when you find yourself in those tough times:

            * better communication

            * affairs (both physical and emotional)

            * getting what you want and need within the relationship

            * how to deal with things that bother you about the other person.

            * getting your spouse to hear you

            * how to appropriately ask for them to change their behavior

            * learn to feel better in spite of what is going on at home

While it is easier if both people will embrace the counseling process, you can still impact your relationship and you can feel better, even if your spouse is unwilling to come in.


Life Changes and Transitions : Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they would.  Learn where you do have power and control in your life and learn how to use this knowledge to make your life better. By being objective Daniel can give you a helpful place to figure out how to help yourself.

            * career issues

* anxiousness and even depression

* feeling like you don’t have power over what is going on (situations that, over time, take their toll and reduce the quality of life)

* health problems

* business issues

* not happy at home or at the job, or both

* dealing with bad situations at home or within our families

Many of us have no idea how we got to this place, and frankly, don’t like this place very much. When you are centered, have a plan and know where you are going you will find relief and feel better. 


Adolescents:   Acting out is a part of growing up.  But when the acting out gets out of line there are ways to corral or guide the teen back to a healthy place without losing your sanity. 

* grades

* not trying in activities

* always “testing” the rules

* drug and alcohol issues


Addiction Issues:   Drug and alcohol issues are tough to deal with whether for yourself or a family member.  You can find relief and learn how to deal with the relationship differently and you can feel better.  Even if they are not willing to get help, you can find relief and Daniel can show you precisely how to deal with the situation in a healthy loving way.

Process Addictions are similar to drugs and alcohol and include behaviors we cannot stop.  Sex addiction or problems shopping or gambling and gaming are examples of process addictions.  There is recovery available for these issues as well.  You do not have to be a slave to the behavior nor do you have to go without relief if you are in a relationship with someone who will not quit.  Help is available.



Call Daniel at 972-267-2800 to chat or to set up an appointment.  You can find out more about Daniel at www.DanielGowan.com

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