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  •Do you struggle with worry or depression? 
  •Is your relationship in trouble? 
  •Are you stuck in a highly stressful career? 


Are you dwelling on negative thoughts and feelings to the point where you are unable to relax, and enjoy your life?  Are you feeling anxious or depressed?  Do these feelings interfere with you relationships or your career? Do you feel an inability to "let go"of these negative thoughts and feelings?  Does it seem like they'll never go away?

The key to treating these feelings --worry, frustration and depression --is to interrupt the cycles of negative thoughts --and redirect them to productive thoughts and activities.  Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings, and you can control those.  There are many tools that can help you with this --and we'll discuss them in the very first session. 

We'll work through all this together, using the wisdom of your life experience and the methods I've learned and developed over years of practice. I will offer you my full compassionate support in getting you back to a better place.  You're not alone.  We're in this together.

I've received specialized psychological training --from Stanford University --and developed other methods in treating hundreds of clients.   I will give you the tools, strategies and solutions to help you stop the worry, or the sadness and help you to feel better --and even happy again --and empowered. You can take back control of your life --and you will. 

For your free phone consult -or free first session -call David Silverman, Stanford Therapist, 310-850-4707.
Here's how it works

We'll find solutions and strategies to help eliminate your symptoms --now --and then create a new future for yourself by examining how you got here, and how to think about your issues in more productive ways.

I believe in strength-based solutions --we will use your strengths in new ways to create a better future.  And we won't spend "years" talking about the problem, the way most therapists do --we will start NOW, talking about the "solutions."


  •Relationship issues

You deserve to have the life you dream about match the life you live; where you feel confident, in control, and your relationships feel strong and loving.  You deserve to feel empowered.

For your free phone consult -or free first session -call David Silverman, Stanford Therapist, 310-850-4707.

Sliding scale - $100-$150. I also accept all PPO insurances, and in Network for Humana. I currently have two offices close by in Marina del Rey and West Los Angeles.

I have been practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for six years in Los Angeles.  Before that I spent twenty years writing for the LA Times, for TV and film. I specialize in working with Sensitive and Creative individuals.  I can relate to what you're going through --having lived it myself --in a competitive, and stressful Hollywood career.

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