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  • Free 60 minute First Session/Consult
  • Rancho Park, CA, 90064
  • Phone: 310-850-4707
  • Session Fees: First session FREE. Ask about Sliding scale. $100-$150/hr Accept all insurance PPOs. Provide Superbill, which ALL INSURANCES ACCEPT.
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FREE 60 minute First Session/Consult

Free First Session

Are you feeling;
  •anxious, frustrated or irritable?
  •highly sensitive or depressed?
  •stuck in a high-stress or creative career?
  •struggling in a difficult relationship?

Are you dwelling on cycles of negative thoughts about yourself to the point where you are unable to relax, and enjoy life the way you used to?  Do you feel an inability to "let go" of these thoughts?  Do you stay up late sometimes worrying about it

I specialize in teaching you how to stop the "looping," the repeated self-critical thought that keeps you worrying, stuck, or depressed.  I've developed many tools to help you stop those from keeping you down.

We'll work together --to find solutions and strategies to help eliminate your symptoms --now --and then create a new future by examining how you got here, and how to think about your issues in more productive ways.

My studies have taken me to USC, George Washington University, and to Stanford University, where I was awarded Departmental Honors in Psychology.

I have specialized training in treating anxiety, trauma, depression and sexual issues. You will have my full compassionate support throughout our work together.

We won't spend "years" talking about the problem, we'll start out NOW, talking about the "solution."

  •anxiety and panic attacks
  •big and small “t’’ trauma
  •compulsive perfectionism
  •controlling relationships

I'm trained in EMDR (supported by the American Psychological Association) to process intrusive thoughts at an accelerated rate.

You deserve to have the life you dream about match the life you live; where you feel confident, in control, and your relationships feel strong and loving.  You deserve to feel empowered.

For your FREE FIRST SESSION, Call David Silverman, Stanford Therapist, 310-850-4707.

Sliding scale - $100-$150. I also accept all PPO insurances, and in Network for Humana. I currently have two offices close by in Marina del Rey and West Los Angeles.

An LA Times/TV and screenwriter, I specialize in working with Sensitive and Creative individuals.  I can relate to what you're going through in a competitive, and stressful Hollywood Career.

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