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Dena K. Leibowitz, MS, LCADC,CHT, 500 RYT
Founder and Executive Director

Dena is a licensed Psychotherapist with a specialty in Addiction Disorders and over 22 years of clinical experience. Her integrative approach to counseling combines years of clinical experience with cognitive behavioral and traditional psychotherapy, with holistic therapies including; mindfulness, Kabbalah, NLP, motivational and wellness coaching.

Dena brings positive energy to therapy that inspires change. Her techniques rely on creative and solution focused approaches.

Dena has a Bachelor's Degree from Towson University (BS ’92) and a Master's Degree (MS '96) in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling. Dena completed post-graduate coursework at Johns Hopkins University required for her licensure. She has also trained extensively with the American Hypnosis Training Academy (APA accredited). She is both certified in hypnosis (CHT) and as an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner. Additional accomplishments include being a panelist at DWI seminars, public speaking, providing expert testimony, and credential training.

Dena founded the Center for Mental Health, LLC in 1998, and Dena and Yoga Wellness in 2011 which was expanded and renamed ZenLife. She believes in applying a holistic approach to wellness.  She is a graduate of Yogali Institute and University of Maryland, and a nationally certified Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Alliance (200-E-RYT and 500 RYT).
 Initially, my approach to treatment of addictions, depression and anxiety was cognitive behavioral therapy.  In 2010, I started  studying and integrating mindfulness, kabbalah, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Jung and Reiki. I now refer to psychotherapy as "self-study" and "rehabilitation" as "wellness". The path became very clear how to approach treatment in our culture. My passion is to share this incredibly healing and healthy approach to living with everyone. In 2018, I closed all physical sites and continued with telesession/virtual therapy. 
I believe that you can restore, rejuvenate and reinvent yourself. Discover and learn the tools to reverse the progression of addiction, anxiety, depression and anger. My unique blend of tools will guide you to a deep feeling of inner peace and wholeness. I believe that effective therapy targets the cause of your suffering while simultaneously focusing on symptom relief to ensure a long lasting inner peace, ready to thrive, excited about life, feeling competent to face challenges, and willing to evolve as you journey through life. I use a blend of cognitive behavioral restructuring tools along with motivational and mindfulness techniques to guide you along this path. My decades of study and practice of mindful living changed my life and can change yours. You will learn tools to manage your emotions, regulate thoughts, and create a powerful inner guidance system.

I believe and know that all beings are capable of creating an inner sanctuary of peace. I know you can learn and live each day with compassion for yourself and to others who are suffering. I know you are worthy of, and desire, love and ease. I know you can view every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and expand your mind. I also know you can view yourself as divine and able to create the life you desire, with much less suffering. I also know that you can learn to use your greatest gift, the breath, as your sacred reminder to shift your thoughts to love and ease. I know you can learn anything you put your focus toward and that you will get better and better every day, at being a happier and freer you. And it is my wish for you to learn to connect more to that which created you, and continues to provide you gravity and energy to every cell. Allow me to show you the way and reintroduce you to your highest you.

May you lovingly and deliberately create and live the life of your wildest dreams, filled with joy and ease.
Live compassionately
Dena Karen

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