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  • Independent Marriage and Family Therapist- Supervisor
  • Columbus, Ohio, 43082
  • Phone: 6145681258
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  • Session Fees: Initial Session up to 90 minutes: $275 Pre-Marital Sessions an additional charge of $35 fee for initial Prepare/Enrich Assessment Couples/polygamous/consensual nonmonogamy sessions up to 75 minutes: $250 Family sessions up to 75 minutes: $260 Individual
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Hello my name is Dr. Domonique Rice

My career began in the banking industry. Navigating through the hurdles of the financial world was both challenging and rewarding, but I always felt I had more to offer. Finally, in 2008, I left corporate America and accepted a position working with families needing help caring for toddlers and infants. Little did I know that this position would completely change my perspective and permanently alter my career path. Going to the homes of these families and hearing their stories I began to see a pattern of broken relationships passed down from generation to generation. I witnessed parents working as hard as they could for their children while also struggling under the burden of a relationship plagued with constant stress, fighting, and gridlock. In essence, there were two people under the same roof living like single parents because they didn’t know how to heal their relationship. I saw a pattern of broken relationships being passed down from generation to generation. I realized the challenges these parents were having with each other and their children were because they were never shown how to communicate or resolve conflicts in a healthy manner.
At that point I decided I was going to do whatever I could to break this cycle and help these people who truly wanted the best for each other and their children, but lacked the tools to restore ,trust and create a path moving forward.
With this goal in mind, I went back to school to pursue my Masters in Marital, Couples, and Family Therapy and then my doctorate in Advanced Studies in Human Services. I chose the most challenging populations I could find because I knew they needed me the most and would also teach me the most. I worked with individuals in the penal system, helped families come together and support loved ones with severe mental illness, worked with out of control adolescents and their families, and eventually began helping other clinicians coming up the ranks to do the same.
After several years of counseling families and individuals in hospitals, treatment centers, and even their homes, I decided to take all of my training and experience to help couples because I realized this is the foundation that all other relationships are built on. When couples know how to communicate, resolve conflict, and meet each other’s needs, they become empowered to give to their children and others because instead of strife and gridlock their home is now a place of refuge where they come to be restored. This happens when couples learn how to ask for what they need in a way the other can hear it and communicate without the pressure of weird communication techniques. When a couple’s underlying friendship is restored, they are allowed to simply be themselves, to work together in an environment where conflict sometimes happens but doesn’t threaten the foundation of the relationship, and that legacy of broken relationships finally comes to an end. This is my philosophy and the way I approach working with couples. If this makes sense to you, then I would encourage you to call me today so we can begin making this a reality for your relationship, too.
 Personal Statement:
“We were not built to break, we will use the obstacles in our life as lessons to build upon our strengths.” ~Dr. Domonique Rice, IMFT-S, CFMHE, CCCE, CFBA, CFP  AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Consensual Noncommitted
Sex Therapy
Gottman Level I & II
 Dr. Domonique Rice is licensed in Ohio and Arizona with pending licensure in Nevada as a Independent Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor.  Dr. Rice has obtained the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervision Credential.   She is also a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator (CFMHE), Certified Child Custody Evaluator (CCCE), Certified Forensic Behavior Analyst (CFBA), and a Certified Forensic Psychometrist (CFP).


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