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My name is Dr. Domonique Rice and my career actually began in the banking industry.  Navigating through the hurdles of the financial world was both challenging and rewarding, but I always felt I had more to offer.  Finally, in 2008, I surprised everyone and left corporate America to accept a position working with families needing help caring for toddlers and infants.  Little did I know that this position would completely change my perspective and permanently alter my career path.  Going to the homes of these families and hearing their stories I began to see a pattern of broken relationships passed down from generation to generation.  I witnessed parents working as hard as they could for their children while also struggling under the burden of a relationship plagued with constant stress, fighting, and gridlock.  In essence, there were two people under the same roof living like single parents because they didn't know how to heal their relationship.  They were never shown how to resolve conflict, be angry without disrespect, or communicate what they needed in a way the other one could hear it.  


At that point I decided I was going to do whatever I could to break this cycle and help these people who truly wanted the best for each other and their children, but lacked the tools to restore trust and create a path moving forward.


With this goal in mind, I went back to school to pursue my Masters in Marital, Couples, and Family Therapy and eventually my doctorate.  Once again I surprised my friends and colleagues when I chose the most challenging populations I could find because I knew they needed me the most and would also teach me the most.  I worked with individuals in the penal system, helped families come together and support loved ones with severe mental illness, worked with out of control adolescents and their families,  and eventually began helping other clinicians coming up the ranks to do the same.


After several years of counseling families and individuals in hospitals, treatment centers, and even their homes, I decided to take all of my training and experience to help couples.  Regardless as to whether or not they had children I knew this relationship was the foundation for all their other ones.  I began to teach clients that they don't need big fancy communication techniques, to go to relationship seminars or read the latest self help book.  My belief is that you have friends or know others in good relationships that don't do any of these things and you shouldn't have to either!  When I help couples resolve the major conflicts and learn to prioritize their relationship the rest happens the way it is supposed to.  Conflicts and misunderstandings still happen sometimes but they are no longer as threatening to the underlying friendship that brought the couple together.  When this happens both people are able to simply be themselves, enjoy each other, and ask for what they need.  Parents become empowered to give to their children and others because instead of strife and gridlock their home is now a place of refuge where they come to be restored.  This is also the way that a sometimes long legacy of broken relationships finally comes to an end and a new legacy of healthy relationships and self respect is passed down.

This is my philosophy and the way I approach working with couples and families.  If this makes sense to you, then I would encourage you to call me today so we can begin making this a reality for your relationship, too.



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