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  • Certified Clinical Counsellor
  • 1249 Tanemura Cres, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1P 1S7
  • Phone: 250 869 7137
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  • Session Fees: The first session is free and after that the fees are tailored to what the client can afford.

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My name is Don Straub.  I am presently employed full time as a clinical counsellor in Bridgeway Addiction Services so I only take evenings, Fridays or weekend appointments.  I am registered with the British Columbia Crime Victims Assistance Program.  I am a certified clinical counsellor by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.  Life has been one of my greatest teachers.  I have experienced the loss of two spouses through death.  I continue to learn from others, including my present spouse, 10 children (including their spouses), and grandchildren (some of whom struggle with disabilities).  My counselling methods are tailored to the cultural and spiritual background of my clients.  I have been trained in a variety of counselling methodologies, but I primarily use cognitive behavioural approaches because of their proven effectiveness as psychotherapeutic approaches.  One of the underlying assumptions  of cognitive behavioural therapy is that my aim is to make myself redundant by transferring to my clients the knowledge and skills that they need to function independently.

In addition to my standard train at a Masters level of education, I have extra training in marriage/couples counselling - (Advanced Gottman Certification) and training in EMDR for trauma.  EMDR is recognized by all counselling and psychology associations as one of very best therapies for PTSD.  


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