Dorion Dellabough, M.Ed., RCC

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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • 1950 Highfield Rd, Saanichton, British Columbia, V8M 1M6
  • Phone: 250-857-8217
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  • Session Fees: 50 minute sessions / Individuals $180 (includes GST) / Couples $25 (includes GST) / Some evening appointments available.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

A bit about me...

ACADEMIC Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology (Royal Roads Military College)
  • Masters in Educational Psychology (University of Victoria)
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Numerous professional development certificates, including: Somatic psychotherapy, stress and anger management, relationship building and enhancement, PREPTM, suicide intervention, ASISTTM, addiction awareness, and effective communication.


I have many years experience as a counsellor dealing with a range of issues - from the basics of poor communication to the complex intricacies surrounding trauma and abuse. I have worked with individuals, couples, families, and small groups in both a proactive and crisis capacity.

  • Eight years delivering presentations and workshops on workplace wellness issues, stress & anger management, communication & conflict resolution, parenting, substance abuse, and suicide intervention.
  • Produced two "Healthy Living" awareness videos for the Federal Government.

LIFE Experience

Thus far, my life's horizons have been broad. I have many interests, yet psychotherapy remains my calling. Besides my experience as a husband, father and grandfather, I have been a military officer and pilot, a crisis counsellor, an entrepreneur, and a community health and wellness specialist. I believe this broad experience gives me a sense of grounding with respect to the "Big Picture," and it helps me to better understand, empathize, and address the problems and frustrations of my clients.


I believe that regardless of one's approach to counselling, ultimately, clients want results! That is my goal. Counselling can serve many purposes. It can be an opportunity to:
  • increase knowledge or skills and realize thinking errors;
  • provide more accountability for new decisions;
  • help struggle through difficult decisions;
  • be heard and taken seriously;
  • work through anger;
  • become more emotionally regulated and resilient to stress;
  • resolve relationship and intimacy issues;
  • heal from trauma, grief, loss; or
  • seek support when we are isolated or overwhelmed.

Usually, we're trying to make sense of something, but we're stuck!

Consider issues such as personal growth, parenting, staying in committed relationships, altering or ending destructive ones, grief, anger, understanding emotions, behaviour change, spirituality, and so on. What do each of these often difficult, but normal concerns have in common? Relationships - to oneself, to others, or to a greater cause. It is through our relationships that we are presented the opportunity to uncover our past, realize present blind spots, and explore future possibilities.
My therapeutic approach is practical, and is influenced by your present needs and abilities. I draw from various psychological theories such as: somatic transformation, developmental psychology, person centred psychotherapy, attachment theory, Jungian Psychology, existential perspective, and neurobiology. Of course, if there is no genuine connection to work from, these are just theories, so my first goal is to understand YOU. I look forward to our first meeting, hearing your story, and helping you to find understanding and resolution.

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