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A Therapist with Over 27 Years Experience | Certified EMDR Therapist

Hi, My name is Douglas Hanson.
I'm a therapist in Winnipeg who specializes in helping people like you resolve some of the most difficult problems including trauma and PTSD. For over 27 years, I have been providing counselling to people who are suffering and have tried hard to solve their problems, to no avail. I am compassionate and dedicated to helping you heal regardless of what your problems are.

Using The Most Advanced and Scientifically Proven Counselling Approaches
When you are struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety or relationship problems, you need an individual or couples therapist with extensive experience and training. With almost 3 decades of experience as a counsellor and training in some of the most advanced and scientifically-proven counselling methods, I can help you solve your problems and heal on a deep level. 
These methods include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFT). You can read about these well-researched approaches to counselling here. 
Therapy That Provides Lasting Results

The above leading-edge scientific approaches, combined with my expertise and caring support help you provide lasting change. I work to heal your suffering and pain at the root level, creating more positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. You can feel good above yourself, your relationships and your life.  You may even find your life completely transformed.

Read some of my client success stories here.
Continue reading below for a summary of how I help people overcome depression, anxiety, and relationship struggles.
Depression’s Destructive Force Can be Experienced as:
  • Debilitating physical and mental pain
  • A loss of interest in anything pleasurable
  • The loss of energy and motivation
  • A deep sense of loneliness that no one understands
  • Difficulties with memory, concentration and making decisions
  • Frequent feelings of agitation, irritability and anger
  • At its worst, wanting to cease to exist resulting in suicidal thoughts

Therapy Can Help You Resolve the Pain and Hopelessness of Depression
You can:
  • Feeling hopeful and even joyful
  • A sense of re-awakening to the beauty around you
  • Feelings of positive self-regard
  • Energy and motivation to engage in life
  • Pleasure in the things life has to offer
  • More rewarding and fulfilling connections with others

Find out more about how, as your therapist, I can help you overcome depression by visiting my depression therapy page on my website.  
You can also book a FREE 10-minute phone consultation to find out how I can help.  Together we will determine how therapy can help solve your problems with depression.
Symptoms of Anxiety or PTSD Where Therapy Can Help:
  • Worried and scared - thoughts of “what if…happens?”
  • Fearful of loosing control and embarrassing yourself
  • Avoidant of social situations
  • Terrified by thoughts of “I can’t breathe”
  • “People are looking at me”, “I might die”
  • Experiencing difficulties concentrating and making decisions
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Experiencing a rapid heart rate, tension in your neck, back and shoulders, chest pain, GI problems, dizziness and trembling

Benefits of Therapy for Anxiety & PTSD:
  • Feeling the pain and fear of anxiety lifting
  • Feeling calmer and able to relax
  • learning to control, reduce and even eliminate your worries and fears
  • Reducing or eliminating the physical symptoms of anxiety
  • Improving your concentration and decision making
  • Feeling alive with an increase in self-esteem
  • Once again enjoying your usual social activities and outings 

Discover help I can help you overcome anxiety by visiting my anxiety therapy page on my website.

You can also book a FREE 10-minute phone consultation to find out how I, as your therapist, can help you become calmer and more relaxed.  Together we will determine how anxiety therapy can help you live a more satisfying life.

When Relationships Are Not Working Out You May Feel:
  • Discouraged and disheartened thinking that you don’t know each other even though you may live in the same house and sleep in the same bed
  • Rejected and abandoned from the lack of emotional and physical intimacy
  • Worried that your relationship is headed for a crash as you and/or your partner may have voiced a desire to leave
  • Desperate as your strained relationship exists in a battle zone. Conflict may be your only means of communicating
  • Deeply hurt, defeated and depressed as a result of your partner’s emotional/physical abuse, affair(s), or addictions such as alcohol, drugs, sex, internet pornography or gambling

Relationship or Couples Therapy Can Help You:
  • Improve communication with your partner
  • Experience emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship
  • Feel validated and respected by your partner
  • Feel “special” and important to your partner
  • Establish the trust and honesty essential for a loving relationship
  • Develop a sense of well-being, positive self-worth and confidence

Whether you are single or in a relationship, as your therapist, I can help you solve your relationship problems. Visit my relationship therapy page on my website to find out more. 

You can also book a FREE 10-minute phone consultation to find out how I can help.  

We will discuss your problems, and I can tell you how therapy can help. You can have the relationship you have always wanted.
Whether your problems are due to worry, stress and anxiety,  depression, or relationship struggles, find out my proven counselling approaches can help you solve your problems.

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