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Are you living the life you truly want to live?  Is something holding you back from reaching your full potential?  Dr. Ann Marie Semich can help you make the needed changes in your life and promote an inner transformation that allows you to see life from a realistic and more positive perspective.  In private practice since 2004 and the founder of Jupiter Community Counseling, Dr. Ann Marie Semich provides direct guidance, tools for growth & healing, and strategies for improved change.  Her counseling center provides a comfortable, private and safe place to openly express your concerns.  She is non-judgmental, understanding and completely focused on you and what you would like to achieve in counseling.
She is fully dedicated to each individual client, helping people move beyond life challenges such as relationship issues, anxieties, trauma, depression, low self-worth or grief. She is passionate about helping people live life more fully.  She applies well-researched modalities such as Internal Family Systems IFS, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Therapies, EMDR, Biofeedback, Neuroscience and Expressive Arts.  For couples, she draws on therapeutic techniques from Imago, Gottman for Couples, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
Dr. Ann Marie specializes in IFS or Internal Family Systems.  IFS offers a clear, compassionate, and empowering method of understanding the parts of you and change how you experience, understand, and respond to situations.
IFS promotes inner healing and harmony, moving you toward a state of calmness, courage, connectedness and clarity.  It is evidenced-based, meaning it is one of the best therapeutic practices available, proven scientifically to produce positive results. Dr. Ann Marie Semich is well-trained as an IFS Therapist.  She began her journey with IFS in 2013 when she attended a week-long workshop with IFS founder, Dick Schwartz.  She has been using the modality extensively with clients for almost 10 years.  Dr. Semich has completed Level 1, Level 2: Deepening and Expanding, Level 2: Trauma and Neuroscience, as well as, numerous IFS trainings with Dick Schwartz and other Trainers.  Additionally, she has worked as a Program Assistant at trainings for the IFS Institute. 
 She holds both a Doctorate degree and a Master’s degree in Psychology and is licensed in the State of Florida as a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Mental Health Counselor. In addition, Dr. Ann Marie teaches classes & workshops on a variety of topics including Mindfulness and yoga. She has been a Registered Yoga Teacher since 1997.

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