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  • 129 1/2 Hunter St., Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 2K7
  • Phone: 7059772929
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  • Session Fees: $95-$120 for individual counselling $100-$150 for couples/families.

My name is Edite Pine and I am of mixed Mi’kmaq/French /Quechua ancestry. My therapeutic approach uses both Western and First Nation modalities.
We will consider these questions together: 
- Where are you holding your fear/trauma/anxiety in your body?
- How do you unblock/let go of trauma?
- How has your past informed your present?  
- How do you transform your stories and begin to fully embrace the life you want to live?
- How have your past relationship dynamics informed your present relationships?
 My Approach:
 I incorporate a wide variety of techniques in my counselling approach because there is no ‘one size fits all’ mode of therapy; every person and the stories they carry are complex and different. Thus, we will work together to design a therapeutic process that fits with your unique story and needs. Below, I have listed my general philosophy as well as some key modalities.
- Holistic.  In my counselling approach, I strive to create a ‘sacred’ or safe space for you to strengthen
and deepen your relationship with your mind/body/emotions/spirit, thereby revealing how you may be blocking your own healing.
- Relationship-Centred. Your relationship with your ‘Whole Self’ (mind/body/emotion/spirit) impacts every other relationship in your life. This means, that if you are out of balance in one sphere, it will reverberate and cause imbalance in all areas. 
Psychodrama and Art therapy techniques. These techniques are useful in accessing information beyond cognitive reasoning 
Mindfulness and Guided Relaxation 
Gestalt and Narrative Therapy Techniques  

Who May Benefit:
 - Individuals who are seeking support in their healing journey 
 - Couples and families interested in deepening communication and breaking out of tired unhealthy dynamics. I have experience working within non-monogamous/open/poly(amorous, affective, fidelity) contexts.
 -People within their ‘pregnancy year,’ that is: those who are trying for or desiring a baby; those who are pregnant; or who are new parents.  
$95-$120 sliding scale for individuals
$100-$150 for couples/families
I also reserve one free spot for low income individuals in my practice.  
129 1/2 Hunter St. Downtown Peterborough. 
- Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto 
- 50 hrs Psychodrama Training from the Toronto Institute for Psychodrama and Sociometry 
- Art Therapy Internship at Women's Health and Women's Hands  

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