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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • #460 - 2184 West Broadway , Vancouver, British Columbia, V6K 2E1
  • Phone: 7788192256
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A client once told me that he values how we "always get to the heart of the issue." My warm and candid demeanour allows my clients to feel open and safe, allowing for a deeper and more reflective conversation. I don't want you to feel better after seeing me, only to fall back into the same patterns once you are triggered. Together, we can get to the roots of your patterns so that you can suffer less and know more clearly what you want out of relationships, career and life transitions. This can be difficult work, and I will guide you through this process with warmth and respect
Life experiences and difficult relationships can can lead to challenging emotions such as anger, anxiety, and grief. In order to cope with this, we may armour ourselves in ways that actually push others away, or lead us to feel disconnected. I offer an emotion-focused approach that promotes self-worth and emotional balance, and values taking a deeper look at the patterns that are causing trouble in your current life. Through our therapeutic work, you can expect to experience greater emotional awareness, authenticity and stability.  I will support you in increasing your flexibility and openness with yourself and others.

I lead a counselling practice with five talented and highly skilled therapists. We provide a supportive environment for you to work through - and move beyond - the issues that are keeping you up at night, and preoccupied throughout the day. We take the time to match you with a therapist who is right for you – get in touch to find someone who can help you!
 Depending on what is bringing you to therapy, our work together might involve:
  • loosening the grip of persistent self-doubt 
  • processing guilt, anger, sadness and shame
  • working on ruptures in trust, communication breakdowns, and defensiveness in relationships
  • reducing anxiety, chronic stress, and tension
  • coping with  break-ups, grief and loss, and life's unexpected curve balls
  • understanding what is driving your perfectionism, burn-out, or procrastination

Our clients typically are high functioning and competent on the outside, and yet inside are struggling - often with anxiety, anger, or emptiness. On any given day, I might sit with a struggling parent, a workaholic, a couple at the end of their rope, or someone flailing through a difficult transition. Despite this diversity in our clientele, I am struck by the common themes in our angst. We all want to build and sustain relationships, activities and vocations that are consistent with our values - but this can be deceptively difficult. This is where I can help.
Through my years of experience as a therapist, I have worked extensively with a wide range of clients. I have also continued to build my therapeutic skills through ongoing professional and personal development. If you are curious about starting therapy, I'd be happy to speak with you for a free 20-minute phone consultation so that you can determine whether I am a good fit for you.

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