Elisabeth Scheepers, Ph.D.

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Scheepers-CCC, Counselling, Coaching and Consulting:
   Dr. Elisabeth Scheepers is a Clinical Counsellor specialized in working with individuals and couples who want to improve communication and emotional and physical intimacy. Elisabeth is trained in counselling, counselling-psychology, clinical psychology, research methodologies and personal and executive coaching. Elisabeth can help you to become better in your personal and professional life. Areas involve professional growth, an increase in skills and a deeper self  awareness.Elisabeth also offers Mental Health in the Workplace Training, Sensitivity Training and Training in Effective Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace to Companies. 

 Academic Background and Specialised Training:
  • Ph.D. (in Psychology).
  • MA (Counselling Psychology)
  • BA (Psychology)
  • Graduate and advanced diploma in Counselling
  • Certificate I and II in Cybercounselling (University of Toronto).
  • Psychological First Aid (formerly known as CISM)
  • Professional Training in Personal and Executive Coaching
  • Post Grad Certificate and advanced training in Sex Therapy (University of Guelph)

Dr. Elisabeth specializes in relationship and couple issues, including issues related to physical intimacy. She also provides professional and personal coaching services. Confidential and private face-to-face Counseling as well as Cybercounselling is provided.  Dr. Scheepers offers workshops to companies tailored to the needs of the company and employees. These include: Dealing with Conflict, Mental Health  at the Workplace and Sensitivity Training. Dr. Scheepers is a qualified member of Psychometrics Canada and can administer career and personality assessments for personal growth and recruitment purposes.  

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