Elisabeth Scheepers, Ph.D.

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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor and Professional Coach
  • 5101 Island Highway West, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, V9K 1Z1
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  • www.scheepers-ccc.com
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

Scheepers-CCC, Counselling, Coaching and Consulting:
  *Currently, Dr. Scheepers can not accommodate new counselling clients. However, we do offer Brief Therapy (1-5 sessions) by email or Zoom for those new clients who have one or more specific questions or require help with single-topic issues. Please visit our website for details.
Dr. Elisabeth Scheepers is a Clinical Counsellor specialized in working with individuals and couples who want to improve communication and emotional and physical intimacy. Dr. Scheepers works with people who experience symptoms related to trauma, stress and grief. Elisabeth provides counselling and coaching services to individuals who wish to obtain new skills, professional growth and a deeper self-awareness. Elisabeth offers professional counselling supervision to members of the CPCA and the ACCT (National Counselling Associations). Finally, Scheepers-CCC offers training to companies. Training courses include Psychological Health in the Workplace, Sensitivity Training and Effective Dealing with Conflict.
 Academic Background and Specialized Training:
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD. in Psychology). 
  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP). 
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA with an extended major in Psychology). 
  • Graduate and advanced diploma in Counselling.
  • Certificate I and II in Cybercounselling (University of Toronto).
  • Professional Training in Personal and Executive Coaching
  • Post Grad Certificate and advanced training in Sex Therapy (University of Guelph & the Buehler Institute)

Dr. Elisabeth Scheepers specializes in relationship and couple issues, including issues related to physical intimacy. Dr. Scheepers works with people who experience symptoms related to trauma, stress and grief. Elisabeth provides professional and personal coaching services, including career coaching. Confidential and private face-to-face Counseling as well as Cybercounselling is provided. Elisabeth is a registered supervisor and offers individual as well as group competency-based clinical supervision. Scheepers-CCC offers workshops to mental health professionals and companies tailored to the needs of the groups. These include: Remote Modalities in Psychotherapy, Burnout prevention, Research based training on Trauma, becoming Outcome Informed, Dealing with Conflict, Psychological Health  at the Workplace and Sensitivity Training. Dr. Scheepers is a qualified member of Psychometrics Canada and can administer career and personality assessments for personal growth and recruitment purposes.  

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