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  • Psychotherapist/ Dance-Movement Therapist
  • 1107 Kenilworth Drive, Suite 208, Towson, Maryland, 21204
  • Phone: 410-878-7164
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Sometimes I am surprised that I have been a psychotherapist for 37 years,  but I have always been drawn to understanding people and helping.     Being a singer, actor, and dancer before I was a therapist, my work is always shaped by my understanding of the change/growth process as a creative process.   If we think of your life as your creation, then my job as your therapist is to help you remove the blocks that keep you from  finding  your inner inspiration you need  to elaborate that vision and to  create the masterpiece  that is uniquely your life.    Therapy will not help you be a different person; it will help you be more of who you really are.    Working together as partners, we will uncover and address past hurts that get in your way and discover the many strengths you already possess to build a more satisfying life.

My  large airy office has ceiling to floor windows which provide a huge picture of the natural world outside and lots of space to move around.   I strive to provide a peaceful, relaxing environment where you can get quiet enough to hear your own thoughts and feelings, express yourself in new ways,  and eventually to find the inspiration to change your life.   Within that context, we may talk in a traditional therapeutic way or we might use music, dance, drama, art, or play as a way to explore your issues. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker  and a Board Certified Dance-Movement psychotherapist, I have worked with a broad range of age groups and issues.   Here are some of my areas of specialization:

  • Long term work with intellectually and artistically gifted young people and their families.

  • Creative psychotherapy to help artists and creatives get their work done and gain the confidence to put their art out into the world.

  • Helping young adults begin the process of learning how to be an adult

  • Relationships:   couples, families, friends, work

  • Individual therapy for depression, anxiety, life transition issues and life improvement

  • Challenges of aging and chronic illness.

My approach is strength oriented and straightforward.   Would you like to talk further?

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