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Are you Ready to start feeling better?  

Do you feel, overwhelmed? Burnt out? Anxious? Is it a daily struggle to balance your home life and career? Are you feeling stuck and defeated? 

Emily understands and offers compassionate support for any life issue.

Sometimes it feels like you are the only one who hasn’t figured out life. The reality is everyone gets stuck and feels dissatisfied or overwhelmed at times. An outside perspective can help you get back on track.

Whether you feel out of control or need a fresh perspective, Emily can help. She empowers you to create solutions, discovers your strengths, and find peace, joy and contentment in your life. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

About Psychotherapist Emily Beeckmans
Emily became a social workers after graduating with her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Social Work in 1998. She began her career working with families and people from all walks of life struggling to regain emotional balance. Emily was very successful helping families and teaching interns through her passion to see clients regain happiness. She has won several awards for her dedication. She eagerly promotes mental health and wellness in local media and through presentations.

Emily is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, who specializes in the treatment of:
- Burnout
- Compassion fatigue
- Mid Life crisis
- Work/life balance
- Trauma and Crisis
- Children and youth
- Workplace personality management

During Ms. Beeckmans post graduate work, she became particularly interested in how traumatic events effect everyone including herself. She sought out training and studied how the expectations placed on us in our daily lives can cause, anxiety and depression for children, youth and adults. From her studies she developed therapeutic tools that easily help you find happiness.

As a result, she regularly works with clients dealing with:
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Relationship and family issues
- Work conflict, meditation, investigation and team building
- Self-improvement and growth

On Site Work place support for Employees, Management and Human Resources
Ms. Beeckmans also works with large and small businesses to manage personnel issues and change. She guides management and Human Resources through unexpected events on site and difficult transitions. Emily helps with downsizing, re organization, mediation, investigation and team building which requires negotiation between staff, management and unions. She offers free phone consultations to assist companies manage any personnel issue.

Emily believes healing comes from you and your strengths. She offers a safe place to examine your feelings and life challenges to purge unwanted mental baggage. This process permits you to embrace positive habits that honour you.

Emily guides you through your journey, with coaching and positive affirmation. She believes that enhancing your strengths will sustain positive change.

A Typical Session
A typical session will start with you. Emily will help you explore what is going on in your life and what you want to change. She tries to send you off feeling relieved and inspired about your life path. Clients are very positive about Emily's client centered approach and return, to work through new life challenges over the years.

Emily Beeckmans is presently accepting new patients in her private practice located in London Ontario. To learn more about her and her approach to psychotherapy go to www.beeckmans.ca

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