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Erin values relationship building, and with an attitude of curiosity holds the emotional space for you to search and stretch. With trust firmly established, Erin thoughtfully and sensitively advocates for action. It is her honour and privilege to walk along side each client on their journey. Believing us to be created with an innate need, and desire, for living in community, collaborative work is the foundation of Erin’s practice. We work to embody balance, where the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual parts of life create a harmonious whole.

Erin approaches counselling from a Systems perspective, valuing and emphasizing interdependence. She has training in Somatic Transformation (an attachment based trauma therapy grounded in neurobiology), and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with mindfulness).

Erin's personal experience of growing up with a brother with special needs and her previous work in both education and community support agencies have contributed to her passion of working for individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers. Her book “The Club Sandwich Generation” on adult sibling relationships when one has a disability was published in 2008. Erin continues to work with individuals with developmental disabilities and their support networks as a part of the CLBC-funded Community Response Team.

With two children of her own and over a decade's worth of experience working with children and adolescents, she has both a personal and professional interest in the philosophy and art of parenting. With a love and a gift for teaching Erin often facilitates workshops and psycho-educational groups, partnering with such organizations as South Island Centre for Counselling and Training, BC Families in Transition, and Community Options for Children and Families. Erin enjoys participating in conferences and guest lecture opportunities on the subjects of emotional regulation, social skills development, grief and loss, sibling relationships, sexuality and intimacy, parenting and discipline, team building, and conflict management.

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