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Life is inherently stressful, and at times can seem overwhelming, particularly for those experiencing a crisis or battling addictions. When confronted by issues of depression, anxiety, troubled relationships or addiction working with a compassionate trained professional is essential to regain balance in your life. I can work with you to successfully navigate through your emotional pain and confusion to regain your confidence and empower you with the tools you’ll need to manage your life successfully.


I have over 25 years of professional experience in behavioral health centers, correctional facilities, counseling centers and private practice settings. My practice specializes in work with individuals, couples and families providing treatment and services for issues of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship difficulties and addiction recovery management.


As both therapist and trained personal recovery care coach, I can help you quickly resolve short-term issues and conflicts or provide extended care treatment strategies designed to heal deeper more complex issues using the family of origin approach. This approach, in conjunction with other interpersonal techniques, can help heal unresolved trauma by pinpointing the origin of troublesome issues, which often have their roots in childhood.


By providing professional guidance, supported by a solid plan, together we will develop the practical skills you’ll need to manage your issues, and ensure you lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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