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Feeling trapped in a prison of your own mind? Feeling like you were meant for more? Anxiety, depression, trauma preventing a better life? You're worth the investment. Covered by most private insurance, I specialize in two areas, workplace anxiety and depression and post-retirement living. I use the most scientifically viable evidence-based methods and techniques to help you live a better life. This isn't magic - it is work but together through guided exercises, insight, and exploration of the self we can make progress towards your goals and improve your quality of life.

My specialties

The working and the elderly might seem like separate specialties at first glace but ultimately I believe people look to resolve current issues, be they inter- or intra-personal, in the hopes of being better people and wanting to find happiness in themselves, their relationships, and their purpose.

I have worked in human resources in private, semi-private and public sector and have had a first hand look at the impact institutions and individuals can have on ones mental health. Narcissism, bullying, shaming I'm addition to complex interpersonal dynamics can make working difficult. I get it, I have been there and I can help.

Therapist information:

My approach to therapy is to use evidence-based techniques built upon a humanistic foundation and is tailored to each individual and may draw upon a variety of theoretical orientations. While the environment will be safe, it will also be a challenge as it will provide the platform from which you can explore yourself, your challenges and resources to foster personal growth. This is done through insight and awareness into your unique personal experience. Together, we will navigate your inner landscape to try and understand what is working and not working for you and how your values align with your actions and relationships.

You are in control of this therapy and it is essential that you know you can withdraw from any session or any particular technique being used at your own discretion.

I attend regular supervision with Dr. Judith Malette, Ph.D., C.Psych., registered with the college of psychologists of Ontario – registration number 3617, in accordance with professional regulations.

Based on the foundations of object relations, I use evidence-based techniques built upon lessons learned in my over ten year career to offer a safe environment where we can explore the most important things to you. Everyone struggles, everyone suffers, but there is hope.

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