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The brain is no longer so inscrutable and beyond repair! We finally have wonderful ways of restoring neuronal power and health in the brain, or, for young ones, facilitating growth and development in a whole new way.  

My passion lies in thoroughly researching all topics brain, and I am more excited than ever to practice in this area, since advancements in neuroscience have provided dynamic new therapies that repair problems in the brain. Research of the last 30 years point to several major factors causing compromise in brain function:

·         Inflammation has proven a big player in the impediments to the brain’s healing naturally. Inflammation is also highly correlated with conditions such as ADHD, and Autism, among many others.

·         Drops in presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and cytochrome c oxidase (CCO) have proven crucial in the inability of the brain to recover. Or, in the case of autism, the lack of sufficient presence of these molecular substances in the brain interferes with development. There are various treatment modalities that address these problems dramatically, yet gently.  

·         My clinical support to patients has also benefitted greatly from working closely with radiologists, psychiatrists, and neurologists, so we work together to rule out elevated intracranial pressure (ICP), latent or active seizure conditions, and other medical problems very often neglected in workups on the brain.

Through brain mapping (Quantitative EEG), and comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation, we manage to identify the problem areas and the neuro-anatomical, biochemical process that has caused them. We know how frustrating it can be to find providers who can offer real help in this area: most of our patients reach us in frustration and despair, after many months or years of searching. But there is real help available to you. 

The treatments we adopt must have a minimum of at least 3 decades of proven efficacy and safety through peer-reviewed journals, or we will not consider them. Yet, since internet proliferation of neuroscience has caused development to occur so much faster nowadays than in the last century, I am pleased to say that amazingly gentle therapies have developed, that work holistically with your brain to foster the natural healing power it possesses, and they can effect dynamic improvement.  

My wife Tamar (R.N.) and I proudly share office space with Maryland Neuro-Rehab, a practice in Occupational and Physical Therapy that also specializes in head injuries, and this allows us to greatly expand the benefits and improvements to patients, through collaboration and referral (please note that there is no benefit to either side with such referrals, other than seeing the patients get better). We also support your legal process through forensic reports and expert witness testimony, since without this, patients often cannot get the treatments they need.

Originally from South Africa, I studied towards my bachelor’s in Israel, then immigrated to the United States, where I did the Ph.D. track in Neuropsychology at City University of New York, Graduate Center. Unable to stay the duration (my family was growing by this point), I completed my M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology at University of New Orleans, in 1992 and 1995, working along the way as an ordained Rabbi within Jewish congregations in Scranton, PA, New Orleans, and then Montreal. Since 1999, I have been living in Baltimore, first working as a Rabbi, now full time as a Neuropsychologist. Between 2010 and 2022, my wife Tamar and I ran The Neuroscience Team, a large and busy practice specializing in head injury, but for health reasons, we chose to slow things down and focus on patients in much more direct, one-on-one manner, within our new practice, Psychological Evaluation & Therapy, in Pikesville. Come see us, and let's start your journey to cognitive improvement together. 

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