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  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • 3516 Vest Mill Road, Winston Salem, North Carolina, 27013
  • Phone: 336-749-4163
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  • Session Fees: Clinical Supervision to the LPC: 30.00/hr. Individual Counseling: 35.00/hr. Family Counseling: 40.00/hr. Couples Counseling: 40.00/hr; Group Counseling: 20.00/hr. I am currently not in any insurance network.

My name is George Hage. I am an experienced counselor of 30 years. I hold two doctorates, one in education, emphasizing the old school of psychological anthropology (culture and personality) and theories of learning behavior, and the other in Eastern Orthodox theology. I have taught on the secondary, community college, and college levels, and have served in the ordained ministry since 1984 in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and am currently serving in the priesthood of a local Eastern Orthodox Church.

I developed experience with multiple age groups especially from ages 16 though senior years. I have emphasized cross cultural counseling and spirituality though counseling. Also, I have worked with many clients from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, especially, Caucasian American, African American, and Hispanic American clients, families, and couples.  I have also worked as a clinical supervisor to interns and LPC-Associates for the attainment of full licensure. 

As an LPC and LPCS, I have acquired 5000 hours of supervision in addictions counseling and have worked 11 years in that area. But my primary emphasis is on Mental Health including the varied forms of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and manifestations of thought disorders as they occur in one’s daily emotional life, behavior, and decision-making. I have experienced that much  addictive behavior is impacted by  mental health disorders. I see myself helping you to shape your life’s story and personality as an author or painter would a portrait. I guide you to realize your empowerment with positive creative energy, experience, knowledge, and gifts to become the artist of your story and portrait. 

As an artist, you hold the pen and palate, and as a sage, you are a human soul endowed with the wisdom and spirit of creative Being. My purpose is guiding you to realize your uniqueness and being as one of the many trees who are deeply rooted in the earth with branches that touch the cosmos. At the same time, your uniqueness is as your portrait. It is like none other. It can be as the chrysanthemum or even the lotus whose roots are embedded deep within the mud. These illustrate your purpose for being. Thus, we learn that all humanity passes through trials, struggles, and suffering, and we learn of these not as a matter of success or failure. Rather these are guides to growing and self-mastery.

 As a counselor, I have grown up in an ethnic home while over the years becoming exposed to many different ways of life and spirituality. I am grounded in world Christianity spanning the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches of Middle East and Orient through Russia and the Balkans. This includes knowledge and experience with the cultural diversity of the Roman Catholic Church in the eastern nations as well as the Latin Churches in the west. I am familiar with monastic practices of these Churches and developed an understanding and appreciation of their commonalities with the monastic and spiritual practice of Buddhism, Sufism, and aspects of Hinduism. I have also studied world Protestantism and hold a degree in Biblical studies.

In all, with the fine arts, which I have spent much of my life studying and completing a degree in music, I have come to see the positive power of universal principles of spirituality in conjunction with fine arts.  This power, when applied to education and counseling, grounds you in the source of healing and wisdom. Hence, I will guide you to the realization of this power rooted in the being of your personality, body, and soul. You will become centered and present, and you will see self and world not merely through your head but through your total being and body. Rather than seeing yourself as fragmented, you will begin to see all aspects of your being as a harmonious whole. This becomes your grounding for healing.         

In all, I approach counseling as a ministry. I welcome you as you, not the you who has an identity summed up in social, cultural, economic, and family, but as a person, a fellow human being who is on this earth for a purpose. So,  you are invited, regardless of your ability to pay and other limitations that may hinder you from seeing me, to telephone or email me. I request $30.00 per individual session, $35.00 for couples' sessions, $40.00 for family therapy, $20.00 for group therapy (not a couple or family), and $30.00 per one-hour session per 40-hour counseling week for clinical supervision of LPC Associates. If you have trouble with affordability, I will apply a sliding scale. If you request, I take Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Cigna insurance. I accept cash, credit cards, and checks. With credit cards, I charge an extra dollar for the swiping fee.  An initial consultation is free. I am practicing in Winston-Salem, NC 27103.

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