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About me

Glenys was born in the UK and immigrated to Canada in 1986. She is a single parent of 3 and is currently working on her doctorate in counseling psychology at Providence Seminary. Glenys is a sensitive, compassionate, and caring person with a heart for those that are hurting. She also has a passion for working with people with attachment issues, addiction challenges, co-occuring disorders, and navigating life's transitions.

Approach in Therapy

Glenys appreciates and understands that clients are the experts on themselves and their stories. She utilizes a person centered approach to counseling therapy and believes her personal, non-judgemental approach assists clients in moving forward in their lives. Glenys is passionate about meeting client's where they are at and uses her broad knowledge base to benefit her clients.  


Glenys qualified as a Residential Social Worker, in England, in 1975 and has worked with children, adolescents and adults in various arenas since that time. In 2001 she pursued her MA in counseling and graduated in 2004. Glenys has practiced in many areas since her graduation.

Additional Training/Workshops

  • Canadian Certified Gambling Counselor training (certification pending)
  • Advanced Psychotherapies & Clinical Supervision (doctorate course)
  • Attachment Network of Manitoba workshops: Bruce Perry, Dan Hughes, Dan Siegel, Gabor Mate

Glenys is currently on the board of the Attachment Network of Manitoba and is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counselors.                                                                                                                    

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