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I am a Registered Psychologist (since 1995) working in Mission, BC.  I provide caring and compassionate counselling to adults for a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, emotion management, addictions, eating disorders, fears (such as fear of driving)  etc.  I  also help couples rediscover the relationship they had when they dated and fell in love with each other and help them to develop a happy, equal, respectful, and supportive long term relationship. 

Counselling mainly involves developing a therapeutic relationship in which you feel at ease, you set goals, and you choose methods to achieve these goals.  People tend to overcome or manage their issues after they develop an understanding of what is going wrong in their lives, develop motivation to change these things, learn healthy expression of emotion, examine thoughts that lead to the behaviours they want to change, and practice these new thoughts and behaviours such that life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling. 
I would be happy to assist you.  Please call 604.826.7778 to make an appointment or email Dr.EliseReeh@gmail.com for enquiries. 

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