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I am a Registered Psychologist (since 1995) working in Mission, BC.  I provide caring and compassionate therapy to adults for a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, grief/loss, emotion management, trauma, recovery from abuse, transition from victim to survivor, post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, eating disorders, adjustment/transition issues, difficult decision making, obsessive-compulsive disorder, fears of any kind (such as fear of driving)  etc.  
I help couples develop  healthy, loving, and respectful relationships by determining the toxic systems that are eroding the relationship and then helping them to replace these behaviours with effective and respectful systems.
I also provide assessments for various reasons such as diagnosis and treatment plans and reports for court requirements, .  

Methods I use in individual and couples counselling are: cognitive behavioural therapy, strength and solution focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, bilateral brain stimulation  as part of trauma recovery, and emotion focused therapy.
Counselling mainly involves developing a therapeutic relationship in which you feel at ease, you set goals, and you choose methods to achieve these goals.  People tend to overcome or manage their issues after they develop an understanding of what is going wrong in their lives and  what works best for them.  Afterwards, I help you to develop motivation to change these things if needed, learn healthy expression of emotion, examine thoughts that lead to the behaviours you want to change, and to practice new thoughts and behaviours such that life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling and you overcome or learn to manage the issues that were causing you distress or discomfort. 
I would be happy to assist you.  Please text 604.556.4700 (please include your name) to make an appointment or email Dr.EliseReeh@gmail.com   

Note that I do note see families or children under 16 and that I only have evening appointments available.   Credit cards, cash, and email transfers are the only forms of payment that I have available.  I also do not make direct claims to your insurance provider or to ICBC.  I provide a receipt and the client submits it to the insurance provider. 

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