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  • Dr. Irit Goldman EMDRIA approved consultant / EMDR certified clinician.
  • 1604 Ford Ave., Suite 1, Modesto, California, 95350
  • Phone: 209-605-9626
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  • Session Fees: Sessions are 50 minutes. I offer a sliding scale. ($100.00 to $130.00 per session) Sliding scale is NOT available on weekend appointments. The full fee will apply.

I began my career in 1974 working with special needs children and their families. After successfully helping parents with the difficulties and challenges of parenting a special-needs child, I decided to expand my skills to include relationship and family issues. I then pursued my Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2002 and my Doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 2005. I graduated with honors-- magna cum laude-- for both degrees. I have worked at the Center for Human Services as well as Haven Women Center. Throughout the years, I have remained passionate in providing clients with a safe and caring environment where they can resolve painful experiences. My goal remains to help struggling individualsĀ  lead more fulfilling, healthy, and happy lives.

Throughout my career, I have led group-therapy sessions for women (such as support groups for people that grieved infant loss during pregnancy or shortly after delivery) and have worked with victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Currently, I work extensively with people who suffer from anxiety, depression and panic disorders. I also offer many different kinds of therapy to my clients, such as EMDR, a state of the art treatment helping individuals recover from traumatic experiences.

I am very caring and compassionate. I do not judge people andĀ  understand that life circumstances may be difficult. I will be there to help you accomplish your goals in a safe and caring environment.

I offer a 15 minute free consultation on the phone in which we will discuss the problem you want to resolve and the various options.

Call me at: 209-605-9626

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