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Isabelle is a Canadian Certified counsellor who offers bilingual counselling services to children, adults, and families.  She started her career in the education field in the early 80s, before developing a passion for the field of counselling, thereafter obtaining her Masters in Education in Counselling from the University of New-Brunswick in 2003. 
Over the last 30 years, Isabelle has worked with adults, children, and their families in various capacities, and she feels very blessed for all of these experiences, as they have added a new dimension to her training and her work as a counsellor.   May it be as a classroom teacher, resource teacher, foster parent or counsellor, Isabelle's passion and dedication in providing the best possible service, recognizing and addressing everyone's individual needs is always recognized.  
Also offering personal empowerment workshops, Isabelle is committed to helping people discover their inner strengths  allowing them to turn challenges into opportunities while developing lifelong skills leading to living fulfilled lives at all levels.
Her main goal as a counselor is to inspire and empower everyone to become aware of their strengths and their ability to take control of their lives at every moment.  
Life is a beautiful journey, and each stumbling block is often a blessing in disguise, as it helps us discover hidden treasures.
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