James Morgan, M.Div., M.A.Sc.

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  • Psychotherapist
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  • Session Fees: $160 for one hour session; $240 for 1 1/2 hour couple/family session. Discounts available for those with lower incomes.
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I have a masters degree in theology from Union Seminary, NYC, and a masters of applied science in human relations.   I am a clinical member of the American and Canadian Association for Marriage & Family Therapy.  I have over 30 years experience working with individuals, couples and families.  During my career I have been the clinical director of two family service agencies, founded and directed a post-graduate training program, and been executive director of a family counselling centre.  I have been in private practice for 20 years.

I work with both individuals and couples and have specialized in working with men.  My approach has changed over the years from one of helping couples "fix" their marriage to one which sees the marriage as a force which "fixes" them.  The relationship gives us the problem for which the solution in our own growth.

My approach is to help people understand themselves better, to figure out what is limiting their potential.  I work to increase self-awareness and  the range of choices.  My approach is growth-oriented and focussed on the present.   I do not dig up old history other than as is necessary for understanding the present situation.  

I believe that people want to be the best they can be and know, at some level, that they are not being that.  They try to do their best but are somehow being blocked or limited.  I help them uncover these blocks and constraints so they can become who they know they really are and who they are called to be.  

Clients benefit from this approach with an increase in self-understanding and from having more choices in how they respond to difficulties.  They decrease conflict with their partners and increase conflict with themselves as they learn to struggle with their own anxieties.  Ultimately they gain a greater degree of control in their own life. 

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