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About me: 

My name is Jean-Luc Williams, I am a Psychotherapist and Doctoral candidate currently working at the Psychology and Wellness Centre. I am a student member of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick (CPNB) and sit on the Professional Affair’s Committee (PAC), I am also a student member with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and a student member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). As an Intern, I am currently supervised by Licensed Psychologist, Paulette Lévesque.

I graduated in 2010 from Université de Moncton with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and I am currently completing my Doctoral degree in professional Psychology (D. Psy) also at the Université de Moncton. During my studies, I have been able acquire over 3000 hours of clinical experience in various clinical settings such as community mental health, hospitals as well as corrections. Also, as a doctoral student, I am currently completing my thesis which studies the impact of para-social relationships on pro-social behaviours.

I have been at my current position at the Psychology and Wellness Centre for the past year and would describe my therapeutic style as eclectic. However, I mainly practice a Cognitive and Behavioural approach which focuses on modifying behaviours and thoughts as well as Evidence Based Therapy. My client base mainly consists of adults; however, I have seen some teenagers as young as 16 and also some elderly clients.


Services offered:

As I tell many of my clients, I know it takes a great deal of courage to reach out and ask for help; however I do not view asking for help as a weakness, I rather see it as a demonstration of one’s strength to admit to themselves they need to see out help and take control of their lives. As such, I am committed in the healing nature which therapy offers and take pride in creating a area where clients feel safe, respected and supported. I address many different issues which may include:

Stress / Anxiety

Anger Management


Grief / Bereavement / Loss

Work Stress / Conflict / Burnout

Low Self-Esteem

Adjustment difficulties


Sleep difficulties




Confidentiality is the corner stone of the therapeutic relationship and as such, all aspects of your consultations with me and the Psychology and Wellness are kept confidential in accordances with the rules and regulations set forth by the Canadian Psychological Association code of Ethics. This includes the scheduling of appointments, the contents of the counselling sessions as well as all relavent documentations. 



I recognize that people may need flexible hours for service, therefore, daytime and some evening appointments are available. I am located at the Psychology and Wellness Centre in Dieppe, New Brunswick and offer in person and video conference counselling using Skype or FaceTime.



Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns.


Tel: 506-382-1717

Cell: 506-962-2617



I hope to hear from you soon and wish you all the best.

Jean-Luc Williams, B.Ps 

Psychothérapeute/ Psychotherapist

Candidat au Doctorat en psychologie/Doctorale candidate in Psychology


“Probably the biggest insight… is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. …Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and … it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy.”

- Ed Diener

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Moncton NB