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Hello and welcome. My name is Jessica and I am a Board registered associate Marriage & Family therapist. I’m very passionate about and invested in the mental health field. My decision to pursue Psychology began over a decade ago, and was solidified once I found myself meeting with my own therapist. At the time, I had no idea how transformative the process would be. I had found a clinician who I felt really heard me and understood me. They were patient with me and taught me skills and tools I had not even realized I needed. While the process was not always easy, it was absolutely worth it. This practice inspired me, and I knew that I wanted to go on to make the same impact towards others, just like I had felt changed for the better. I wanted to become a therapist who worked without judgment, and with patience and empathy.

The decision for you to engage in the therapeutic process is a big step and it can leave you feeling vulnerable. Therapy is an undertaking that I approach with empathy, compassion, and an open mind. I'm committed to being here as a resource to you on your journey toward bettering yourself. I do not believe that a one size fits all approach is beneficial when it comes to this type of work. While therapy itself is not a guarantee to solve all of life’s problems, it can provide the opportunity for change. I work diligently to hear from each person I see, in their own words what their current struggles and burdens are. I work from an understanding that all humans have the capacity for joy and growth just the same way that all humans have the capacity to make mistakes and face hardships. Life is not about avoiding all negativity and challenges, but learning the tools to manage and overcome along the way. 

Some of the issues therapy can help with:
Sleep Issues
Focus & Motivation
Relationship Issues
Prenatal & Postpartum 

Benefits of therapy:
Reducing anxiety & depression symptoms
Improving sleep quality
Managing stress
Better communication skills
Conflict resolution skills for healthier relationships
Additional support & guidance 

Types of therapy used:
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Person-centered therapy
Solution focused therapy
Narrative therapy
Interpersonal therapy
Gottman Theory 

$125 for 50 minute session (Individual)
$175 for 50 minute session (Couple/Family) 

Virtual. I use the Simple Practice platform. All intake paperwork and documentation is sent through this platform. I am also happy to answer any questions should you get stuck.

B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton
M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy from Alliant International University
Board registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Supervised by Cathy Chambliss, LMFT #MFC39875

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Redondo Beach CA