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  • Licensed Counselor
  • 3300 Battleground Avenue Suite 303, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27410
  • Phone: 336-707-1723
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  • Session Fees: Intake $120.00 - Individual session $100.00
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  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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Welcome to Santos Counseling

Offices in Greensboro, NC and Winston-Salem, NC


I specialize in working with Distant Couples, Teens, Anxious People and a little bit of everything in-between. If you do not see something that pertains to you, call 336-707-1723 for a 30-minute FREE consultation.

Interested in Counseling for Couples?

If you are interested in Relationship Counseling, please feel welcome to call me 336-707-1723. If you want to read a little bit more about Relationship Counseling before calling me, please click here.

Interested in Teen Counseling?

Teens, I am currently accepting new applicants for the Teen Therapy Self-Esteem Group. The group runs Saturday mornings 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. This is truly an awesome group! To read more about it click here, or call me 336-707-1723.

The Teen group helps teens struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, anxiety, self-confidence and emotional problems that make life difficult.

 To register for the group please call 336-707-1723

Interested in something else?

As a professional counselor, I work in helping individuals experiencing emotional difficulties overcome challenges. I want to encourage you to call me 336-707-1723, I’ll speak with you on why you called. If for some reason, I am not of help, please know that I will do my very best to lead you in the right direction.

How to set up a counseling appointment?

Step 1: Call me  Juan Santos at (336) 707-1723

Step 2: Once you speak with your counselor, discussion topics will include scheduling/fees/and counseling services.

Step 3: In your 1st session, discussion topics include: lots of fun paperwork, client history, reason for counseling, goals, and your story.

Step 4: You are now off to a running start!

-Investing in yourself and taking time to improve your personal life, relationship, parenting, or family dynamic are important decisions. We believe that you owe it to yourself to shop around for the best fit in a counselor. Each of the counselors at Santos Counseling bring a unique set of skills, expertise and charm. Give him/her a call, ask questions, and begin your counseling journey.

My office is conveniently located in a large private professional building that works to protect your privacy and confidentiality. The office provides a beautiful view of the historic battleground park. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a hot Starbucks coffee or tea. Lastly, the office "as my clients say" - "smells delightful", which is all thanks to my wife.

You are welcome to direct any questions about insurance, fees, types of counseling services offered, etc., to Juan Santos at 336-707-1723 or by visiting FAQ page.


Get to know your counselor… Who is Juan Santos?

I think that it is so important, for you to do your research and find the very best counselor for you. You probably will spend hours talking to friends or family, searching the internet and weighing the options.

I'm happy that you are.

You are shopping for a long-term relationship that deserves time and investment. And for that reason - you deserve a counselor that can help you with life.

I am a husband and a father of two - well I should say 3. The other is my long time best friends (my dogs Mr. Buddie and Riddle). I am an avid writer - having published several self-help books as of this time "Life Without Stress" "parenting education for Hispanic families" and "100 ways married men can remain emotionally connected"Couple’s Workbook: A guide to Making Your Relationship Work” - I also provide my community (Greensboro and the surrounding Triad) with weekly informative articles and videos on mental health topics.

When I'm not at work, I am what some would call an "avid father". Being with family is my passion. My family and I are a bunch of outdoor fanatics: water skiing, canoeing, fishing, and more. For more information on – me – “your counselor” please visit my website santoscounseling.com. You can also find great blog reads, videos and self-help psychology books on mental health – psychology topics that may relate or benefit you


More details on the Teen Therapy Group:

 The Teen Therapy Group  provides your teen with:

  • Skills to overcome emotional challenges
  • A strong support system
  • Practice in learning how to love oneself and overcome the inner self-critical voice
  • Become comfortable in their own skin
  • Lots of activities focused on self-esteem and self-confidence building

Space is limited to 6 participants. This ensures that each teen in the group can have a voice, gain skills, and build a meaningful experience.

Register your teen by calling 336-707-1723

The group will run each Saturday's from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

The group is priced at $50.00 per session

***To help with commitment to the group, teens are asked to pay a $50.00 deposit at the time of registration. Payments can be made: (cash, check and all major credit cards)***

Click here for more information on the Teen Therapy Group



More details on relationship counseling:

Relationships are not always as easy as most make them out to be. Often what we see from others, our friends, family or even on television is not the same thing that is taking place at home. Relationships can reach a breaking point or a “last straw point”, leaving you feeling distant and disconnected from the person you love and care most about. As a relationship counselor and expert, I provide clinically proven therapeutic approaches to aid couples in understanding the root of their problems and building new healthy platforms.

Relationship Counseling is a personal passion and interest of mine. I enjoy it because I love seeing happy couples. Pretty simple, right?!

What are common reasons to seek relationship counseling?

– Infidelity – he cheated! – she cheated!

– Parenting problems

Communication problems

– Sex and intimacy concerns

– Time spent together

Establishing trust

Ready to Start Counseling? Please Call us at 336-707-1723 or email us using the form below.




More Details on Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders?

Anxiety and Depression often are the most consistent obstacles people face. Each can follow you like a shadow or heavy weight.

Your emotional struggle(s) often pulls you away from fun and exciting activities. As a result of, you may experience difficulties with getting out of bed, spending time with peers, going outside when it’s dark, or excessively checking your house for “odd” noises. The list of anxiety driven situations or “triggers” can be lengthy for some.

What are common symptoms for anxiety?

-       Problems focusing or concentrating.

-       Difficulty making decisions or making up your mind.

-       Daydreaming or feeling as if you are in a “trance” like state.

-       Hand tremors.

-       Overly sweaty.

-       Feeling as if you are not in control and wanting to leave your current state of mind/place.

What are common for depression?

-       Problems focusing or concentrating.

-       Difficulty making decisions or making up your mind.

-       Crying. Or wanting to cry but unable to.

-       Low energy.

-       Feeling that you do not want to do anything or have no energy to do “normal” tasks.

-       Low self-esteem/self-confidence.

-       Feeling as if you are not in control and wanting to leave your current state of mind/place.



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