Julianna Switaj, Ed. D., C. Psych

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  • Registered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist
  • Suite #134 - Orchard Park Office Center 5420 HWY 6 North, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 6J2
  • Phone: 519-760-7035
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  • Session Fees: Currently, fees range from $185 to $225 per hour, depending on nature of the service provided, plus the training and experience of the provider.

Primary Focus

I practice listening, attention and being curious with my clients.
I provided a safe, supportive, experienced and knowledgeable therapeutic presence.  
How do the first couple of sessions work?
The first session or two allows me to gather essential information about clients’ experiences, concerns, developmental and medical history, this, in turn, informs the therapeutic goals and mode of therapeutic approach we will take. Together we develop a treatment map that is based on the client's goals and what they wish to accomplish in therapy. 
My philosophy and ways of working 
I strive to integrate features of a client’s mind, body, spirit, and community connections to promote and support their health, healing, and change. For over thirty five years I have worked as a scientist-practitioner, developing practical strategies, educational programs and revitalizing retreats, that encourage and support the re-vitalizations of client’s innate wisdom, spiritual resources and power to change and heal.
I travel with my clients as they journey through their life’s challenges towards wholeness and well being.  
I have a general practice in clinical and counselling psychology with adults.
Third party extended health, MVA or WSIB insurance plans may pay for psychological services.
Sliding scale $190- $225 per clinical hour (50 min).
 Education and training 
I have advanced degrees (a doctorate and two masters degrees) in psychology from University of Toronto (OISE) and McGill University.
I have completed advanced studies at Harvard University with advanced professional training, and research in Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body medicine), Hypnosis, Imagery and Health, Consciousness Studies, Meditation, Cancer Stress Management, Traditional Healing and Pastoral Care.
I have interests and experiences with Traditional Healing, Transcultural Psychology, Energy Psychology, Medical Intuition, and Animal Assisted Therapy.
Other hobbies and interests 
I enjoy singing in a choir, biking, hiking, all types of performing and visual arts. Oh, and I have a fascination with Quantum Physics, particularly the work of David Bohm.   

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