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Who am I?  
I am an eager lifelong learner who loves to incorporate new tools into my life and with my clients.
I love the outdoors, traveling, fresh food and cooking, camping, cheering my children on at sports events, and new adventures. I am a dedicated wife and mother on the quest to improving my relationships every day. 
My philosophy:
  • The quality of our lives is based partly upon the quality of the questions we ask ourselves daily.
  • I hold a core belief in the power of people and relationships to heal and transform.

  • I think that nothing should be labeled as good or bad, right or wrong, it is simply effective and ineffective.

  • Therapy can allow us to find patterns that are no longer serving us or beliefs that are keeping us from healthy connections with others.

  • I aim to create a safe space, relaxed, empathetic, and confidential environment.

  • This positive context helps us explore new ways for your to connect to yourself, and to those you are in relationships with.

My Journey In Becoming A Counsellor

I began my career as an Early Childhood Educator and owned a successful bilingual preschool for almost 10 years.
As I began to have children of my own, I quickly discovered that I was being drained emotionally, physically, and socially working with other children.

I then changed my focus after I went through a process with Dr. Demartini and really honed in on my highest values. I always knew that relationships and communication were very important to me but I had never linked them to a career.
My relationship suffered for several years after the sudden loss of my husband’s brother.
We struggled to keep our relationship intact as we went through several stages of grief all while becoming new parents.

As we invested in our personal development, we quickly saw massive shifts in our relationship and we are now thriving.

It was then that I decided I wanted to help other couples who are struggling in their relationships to gain some tools and insights in helping them move forward.
Life can throw us curveballs at a moment's notice and depending on how we've learned to cope earlier in life, it may feel impossible to work through your own challenges. I am here to help you see things a little differently, in hopes to create ease in moving through life.
I look forward to helping you move through your challenges in a genuine straight forward compassionate approach. 

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