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“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

Being human means that at some point we are going to experience pain and suffering. Fortunately, whether you struggle individually with anxiety and depression, or perhaps your relationship is in constant turmoil for any number of reasons, therapy can be healing and transformative.

Attending counselling takes courage. It requires a commitment to engage in an active process to improve your life.

I am always humbled when someone will allow themselves to be vulnerable with me. I understand that requires trust and this is not taken lightly. Initially, there is an element of risk involved in trusting someone you have just met. My commitment to you is that I will work to earn that trust. While maintaining a safe, comfortable, and compassionate rapport between us I will be deliberate and methodical using strategies that are based on science. 

It is always that first step that is the hardest. Whether you are meeting with a therapist on your own, or including your spouse as well, the feeling of uncertainty can be huge. However, the feeling of relief once the burden of carrying around that which you have ignored and suppressed has been lifted makes it worthwhile. There is nothing more rewarding for a therapist than witnessing that elated feeling someone experiences after having been hijacked for so long by their own negative self-talk, anxiety, depression and unhealthy relationship patterns.

With 25 years of experience and training in the most current, proven, evidence-based therapeutic methods, and now with my private practice, Turning Tides Counselling, I can help you work on the things that matter most to you.

·       Individuals, couples, & families;

·       Trauma and PTSD;

·       Stress, anxiety, depression;

·       Grief and loss;

·       Secondary trauma: compassion fatigue, burnout, moral injury; &/or

·       Dealing with emotional regulation and negative self-conscious affect (guilt, shame, self-esteem).

At Turning Tides Counselling, you can expect the following:

·       A caring, respectful, compassionate, collaborative approach to working on the things that matter most to you;

·       Solution-focused, strengths-based approach using proven, evidence-based therapy; 

·       Online booking so you can see what is available and what works best for your schedule;

·       Objective, quantifiable, charted outcome measures that you can see and monitor your progress; &

·       Electronic reminders about upcoming appointments so there are no surprises;

Thanks for checking out my profile. Please feel free to call and/or email me or just book a FREE intake session with me and let’s get this thing started! I hope to see you soon but regardless I wish you the best and I hope that you find what you need.



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