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  • Registered Psychologist
  • 1314A - 15th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, T3C 0X7
  • Phone: 587-228-5362
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  • Session Fees: My fees are $220/hour but I do offer a sliding scale for those who are struggling with financial difficulties.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

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I am passionate about helping people connect to their purpose and power.
My approach to therapy is through a holistic lens; believing as the saying goes, 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. People are complex beings and the way in which our bodies and minds are connected is similar to a network of intertwining webs communicating with one another. When factors like nutrition, personal purpose and beliefs, sleep, physical exercise and social connections are considered, any combination of these can make a huge difference when designing a treatment plan.

What has become clearer to me over the years is that we all have the ability to make changes in our lives - to move us in the direction we wish to go - but sometimes it can be difficult to know what steps we need to take to get there. To create change, one must be committed to doing the work, which includes being open to the possibility of shifting their mindset, like looking into a kaleidoscope. The first look into a kaleidoscope shows an intricate layer of shapes and colours and with just one twist of the mechanism, a whole new picture is created, bringing with it the prospect of new possibilities.
Each person is the expert of their own life. My job is to create a safe, non-judgemental space, ask meaningful questions, collect and organize information and work closely with my clients to create their treatment journey and help them reach their goals.
I Offer Help to Clients Dealing with Challenges in:
  •  Relationships
  • Life Transitions
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Purpose and Meaning

Potential Benefits of Therapy:
  • Improved Self-Awareness
  • Better Communication
  • More Confidence in Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
  • Increased Self-Empowerment
  • Skills and Tools for Coping

Types of Theoretical Frameworks Used:
  •  EMDR - an evidence-based framework that enables people to heal from symptoms of emotional distress that are a result of disturbing life experiences.
  • CBT - focuses on challenging and changing negative thought patterns and re-gain an awareness of control
  • Existential - places an emphasis on the individual's free will, self-determination and the search for meaning and purpose.
  • Solution-Focused - a strengths-based approach that has the counsellor and client work together to set goals and create change that focus on the possibilities that lie ahead.
  • Attachment: - considers the importance of the bond between infant and primary caregivers and how that bond (or lack thereof) impacts various relationships throughout one's life.

Education and Training:
  • Bachelor's Degree in General Studies with a Concentration in Communication and Psychology
  • Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology
  • EMDR
  • Gottman
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Depression
  • Emotionally Focused/Attachment
  • First-Nations Mindfulness

  •  $220/hour
  • Sliding Scale is possible on a case by case basis

Location and Contact Information:
  •  Calgary (13th Street and 15th Avenue SW)
  • 587-228-5362


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