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     So glad you clicked on me.  Personally, I was born on the same day as Walt Disney.  Consequently, I am a believer in the process of dreaming and seeing dreams become a reality.  One quote that Walt Disney shares, is: "It all started with a little mouse."  It is the little changes in life that are made consistently, that prove over time to allow you to make significant changes. You do not have to be in the same place next year, if you believe and start making little steps, change can happen.
   If you are struggling with fatigue, lack of good sleep, anxiety, and panic attacks, you have come to the right place. So many folks who come in have experienced some major life changes and as a result, feel like they are off their A-game.   One of the most powerful ways to restore wellness is to understand why you are not sleeping.  When the brain experiences trauma, the fight or flight part of it is activated, not only while we are awake, but also when we are sleeping.  Our brain is telling us we are not safe, so we are on alert all of the time.  Sleep can be restorative again and you will be able to feel like your life is back on track.   
    I am an Approved Consultant for EMDR specializing in anxiety, trauma, sleep disorders, complex trauma, chronic pain, somatic issues, and life transitions. An approved consultant is the highest recognition that EMDRIA will provide.  I have worked countless hours helping people using EMDR therapy as well as numerous hours with consultations.  I now provide consultations to up and coming therapists who are learning EMDR therapy. I also have a post-graduate degree in Complementary medicine and Wellness.  I so enjoy seeing people set free from their past and the anxieties and panic attacks that they are currently experiencing so that they can embrace the person that they always knew was there. Time to move forward to be the person you were created to be.
     I have over ten years of experience as a professional counselor and I am paneled on most insurance panels. Those panels include Blue Cross Blue Shield- Anthem, United Health Care and Cigna. You already have the ability and intelligence to overcome, once you learn the tools of life management and apply them, life will get better for you.  Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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