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  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
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 Over the past 20 years, I have gained experience working with individuals of all ages.  Most of the therapy I provide has focused on the broad range of issues which individuals, couples, families, or groups have identified as their goals in counseling.  The broad range spans from every day challenges that become overwhelming, to the many mental and behavioral disorders that negatively interfere with quality of life for an individual and their family and friends.   The types of therapeutic approaches incorporated during a session are primarily a combination of Client Centered and Solution Focused approaches, although over the past few years, I have incorporated the benefits of Mindful Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is mainly transformed into Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) along with interventions coming from other orientations (for example, Art/Play Therapy, Family Focused Therapy).  The interventions are unique as the individual, couple or family, and are determined after assessing and treatment goals have been identified.  As an example of the many variations of interventions used, play therapy seems to work best with children who struggle with using words to express their feelings and thoughts, whereas, art therapy can work effectively with any age group, it depends on what is comfortable and what promotes the therapeutic growth.  Increasing personal tools, like communication and coping skills, are vital in meeting most therapeutic goals.  Therefore, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are provided with specific coping skills based on the individuals' strengths, weaknesses and treatment goals.   I work with, rather than lead, the individuals, couples, and families.  By working with them, it allows a healthy therapeutic relationship which will ultimately lead to swiftly and successfully reaching treatment goals.Life often presents various challenges that may seem insurmountable, however, with a safe environment and a focus on growth, people can not only survive, they can thrive and have the quality of life they deserve.  Counseling may be just what is needed. Counseling is a process that provides a pathway through challenges that allows individuals, couples, families, and groups to deal with challenges in a positive and effective way. Healthy relationships are vital for emotional, physical and cognitive growth. The healthier a relationship is, the more likely a person is to develop coping skills and use the skills productively.  Life's challenges, such as negative feelings of depression or anxiety, chronic illnesses, school based issues, relationship and communication difficulties, can poorly influence other areas of life, leading to more challenges. Whether these challenges are relationship based (personal/professional), emotional distress, ADHD, behavioral difficulties, sexual issues, individuals and/or families working with chronic and/or terminal illness, together we find healthy solutions to increase overall quality of life. Therapy is not a cookie-cutter proposition, one size does not fit all. Therefore, based upon your needs as an individual, couple or family, a variety of traditional and unique techniques are available. I provide a safe environment with an authentic approach to find the effective techniques that will be unique to your needs.  Personal Experience I have 38 years of experience being married to the same person. We raised two sons and have shared our good times and bad times together.  The shared experiences are major contributors to increase a couples' ability to work through the difficult times. The challenges that we are faced with not only have the ability to make us stronger, they also allow trust and the sense of security to grow.  I believe people want relationships and need healthy ones to grow.


Master of Science in Psychology
Graduated with Honors: Summa Cum Laude
California State University, Stanislaus

Professional License

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist 
Board of Behavioral Sciences
License Number LMFT 41391
CAMFT Continuing Education Provider Approved (CEPA)
Board of Behavioral Science
CEPA Number 55692


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